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News News by AKUMA
On Fri, Dec20, 2019 4:09am UTC
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(Two dark orbs shine with a crimson hue as a pair of neon green lips glow from beyond the shadows. The silence is broken by a strong, confident and assertive feminine voice speaking sharply with a thick Japanese accent that echoes off the unseen walks.)

Kon'nichiwa. My name, is Akuma. Its means the devil in my native language however some fans prefer to call me Sinderella. Due to my sinful nature and princess like charm but don't be fooled. Because this sweet little face? Spits fire. 

(A black candle stick rises up to the camera's level as a fireball is spit with a flash, ending the scene.)

Breaking News, Casey Reacts To His Brother Gone For Good!

On Fri, Jun15, 2012 9:29am UTC
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Breaking news ladies and gentlemen. Shining Diamond Casey Whitmore gives his take on his brother quitting and leaving WWX for good. And he didn't hold anything back. Casey let it all on the line. And here is what he had to say on WWX.com.

Casey: You actually think for one second I care about my brother leaving WWX. I don't. He nearly ended my career. And he also cheap shot and blindsided me with a cowardly attack. As far as I am concerned let him walk. It is better for him not to show back up in WWX. Because he would end up on the permanently to be injured list. 

Casey: Daniel took the coward's way out. He showed these fans and myself that he is a guy with no balls or testicular fortitude. A disgrace to this business and this sport. He is what this sport don't need. I am here to say that I am glad he is gone. He won't be getting the biggest butt kicking of a lifetime. After all I done for that idiot and he decided to stab me in the back. I tried everything and he still spit in my face. And Chelsea and I are having problems. But what couple doesn't.

Casey: I am done with Daniel. As far as I am concerned he isn't my brother. What brother would stab their own flesh and blood in the back as much as he has. He tried to sacrifice me to that idiot, the crow reject, and the king of all horror himself, a reject from the horror movies himself, Darkson. Then Daniel and I got back together and looks like we were going to be good again together. But no, he is and always will be jealous because I am the better wrestler and the better brother.

Casey: And my doctors are clearing me to wrestle here in a few weeks and expect the unexpected from me. I am the most unpredictible athlete and wrestler in all of wrestling, what impact am I going to make next? Who is going to end up suffering at the hands of the shining and crown |BLEEP|el of wrestling, find out soon. For I will shut everyone up and shut everyone out.

Casey: I am the five-star caliber and blue chipper athlete and wrestler who is going to rise and shine above all when I earn it. That is right. The talking is going to stop. I am going to earn everything. I learned a lesson thanks impart to Holy Alliance. Because I did actually watch and listen to them. They had good points and I am ashamed of myself for Chelsea putting me up to doing this wrestling royalty crap.

Casey: It is crap. I am not a king and I am not a rich guy. I am in this sport for the love of wrestling. I have so much passion and heart for wrestling and this company. We got a lot of great and talented and gifted wrestlers who earn their way like Blaine Evans, guys like that give this sport a good name. I want to follow in their footsteps and if I am lucky, to be up there with them soon. 

Casey: It isn't my fault that this conspiracy idea wasn't all my idea and neither was the AOD thing. That was all Chelsea's idea and she planted all these lies and gossip in my head. She is going to be in for a rude awakening when I get back to WWX. We might even exchange a few words. She is no longer going to be in control of me or my career. I am taking back my testicular fortitude. I am not going to let her speak for me. I am a grown man and I am a star in this sport and she is gonna recognize that she isn't my boss.

Casey: I am well capable of taking care of myself and being on my own. She didn't bust her butt off when I was winning titles around the world. She didn't go out there and put her body and soul and career on the line and the success came from years of busting my butt off. The blood, sweat, and tears I have shed in this business is because of the fans and myself and the promoters taking a chance on a wrestler like me. Not her. Chelsea sorry babe. But you aren't going to like this.

Casey then began telling the truth pointing the blame at Chelsea and taking aim at her. She was the one that caused a lot of Casey's problems. And he continued to explain the situation in vague details.

Casey: I always let the women have their way with me and try and do what is best for my career. But the last few times, first with Brenda and now with Chelsea. It seems like they land me in hot water all the time. I let them walk over me and influence me. Not no more. I tell ya. I am going to take this ring off my finger and the engagement and wedding for me and Chelsea is indefinitely postponed. Chelsea I do love you but houston we got a problem here.

Casey: Chelsea has a lot of nerve making me run around and make a fool out of myself. She is the one that tells me and directs me to do this and that. No wonder I don't have very many friends in WWX. Because of her nonsense of this wrestling royalty lifestyle. I am in this sport for the love of pro wrestling and this business. Not the money. I am in this thing for these fans and to put on shows for them. I win some and I lose some, that is what this business is all about.

Casey: The money and the high life aren't for me. I drive a beat up Dodge Intrepid and it is as old as can be. I live in a small house now as I have moved out of that big house in Canada and went back to my hometown of Champaign, Illinois. I am here to say that I am not happy with this and Chelsea will have to answer a few things I got to get off my chest to her and everyone in WWX.

Casey then left off there and is going to evidently directed his focus towards Chelsea and isn't happy with her right now. Casey is ready to move forward with his career in WWX. We will give any details or breaking news on this new situation between Chelsea and Casey when they become available and check back at WWX.com for all the latest breaking news and details on the new situation.

Breaking news, Daniel Whitmore quits WWX for good!

On Fri, Jun15, 2012 8:59am UTC
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Breaking news in WWX. Due to the lack of bookings and matches. Daniel Whitmore has decided to call it quits in WWX. Daniel has been frustrated for quite some time and never showed it. But he thanked WWX for the opportunity of a lifetime and didn't blame management or the writers or bookers of the shows. Daniel said it was a thing that happens all the time in wrestling and wanted to give it a second go and we all wish him well in his future endeavors. Daniel Whitmore will be missed in WWX. So long to the Hacksaw Butcher Daniel Whitmore won't be back ever in a WWX ring.
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