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Nero Moore pushes through, clutching the #1 Contendership to Kurtis Ray's Television Championship, as the champion secures the #1 Contendership against to Syndicate's Undisputed World Title. Why did Erwin target Syndicate during his title defense against LuAndre Xavier? Find out on the road to the next episode of Monday Night Ravage!

RAVAGE - Card 2017-01-09 17:06:00

On Mon, Jan09, 2017 5:06pm America/Phoenix
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January 23rd, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada
Thomas & Mack Center 

World Wrestling Xistence 


Monday Night Ravage
Live at 5 pm WWX Time
Commentary Staff:
Lucius Cashmere (Face)
Gil Paraquet (Heel)

Ring Announcer:
Lily Frenell

Journalists Backstage:
Chris Sanders
Mike Hart
Gary Lane
Jesse Phoenix
Brett Zayne

Pre-Show Matches (Summarized)

Nami v. AC Anderson

Guru Kawa v. “The Veteran” Christopher Wilt

Cam Sinel v. Mohammed Hussein


Opening Segment: Syndicate and James Ranger w/ Viper

Nero Moore v. Venom Romon

Match Note: Continuing his winning ways, the #1 Contender to the wwx Television Champion defends his spot on top against the returning Venom Romon. Can he pull it off?

Segment: Christopher Wilt Calls Out Mohammed 

Jake Devine v. Tanno Waters

Match Note: Continuing on their winning ways, both look to gain leverage towards a potential wwx Television Championship. Which one will walk away the victor?

Segment: Kurtis Ray and Willie Steen

LuAndre Xavier v. Hex Girl
Match Note: Fallen from grace, yet both step back up to the plate, both seek to re-enter contention for championships desired. Now properly on his own again, LuAndre Xavier refocuses as he crosses path with the Demonic Princess, Hex Girl.

Segment: Xavier Pendragon and Rex McAllister

wwX Television Championship Match - Tables Match (Winner defends against Nero Moore at Aftershock)
Willie Steen v. Kurtis Ray(c)

Match Note: It can be said that what comes around goes around. Karma paid a visit, now James Ranger makes it official. Tonight, a returning and refocused Willie Steen wishes to enact revenge against the brutal champion for the title, contested under tables match rules. Can Kurtis Ray keep the momentum intact heading into Aftershock?

Segment: Open Slot

Stabsfeldwebel Erwin v. Syndicate(c)

Match Note: Having interfered in last show’s main event, what did Erwin look to gain from attacking Syndicate. Having been responsible for most of the injuries done to the reigning top dog of wwX, how will the champion deal with this imposing figure heading into Aftershock?



Roleplays, With NO LIMIT, ends 20th of January, 2017 @ 11 pm WWX TIME

Strategies and Segments, sent to davismamba87@gmail.com, ends 21st of January, 2017 @ 11 pm WWX TIME

Guidelines to Know:

Keep it short and sweet, 50% Roleplay and 50% Strategy decide outcomes of matches booked.

Things To Go By/ Fed Update #1-2017

Report Report by JAMES RANGER
On Sun, Jan08, 2017 5:49am America/Phoenix
156 Hits
Good Morning from California!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their holidays and are taking to the new biweekly schedule that will be taking effect fully after this show. I'm going to post a few things that are going to be go to information to keep at the ready going through this year:

1. All those rejoining up with wwX should start with a healthy segment for the show, via backstage interview or impact segment in a match. Be sure to label where said segment takes place in the card and what's the objective of that segment. You do have to write it yourself. I will of course inform you if you cannot be placed in a match for reasons i will state to you. 

2. Its important to update your bio, otherwise its very hard to picture you coming down the ramp for an entrance, much less an entrance at all. If you stated on your bio that you will provide, follow through and email one in.

3. Due to the current size of the roster, i will now be switching to a "locked" booking style. Essentially what this means for everyone, is as head booker, i will be basically explaining to you what's your immediate feud or championship goal. I will be pairing the roster members together. Generally i will be doing this after each PPV. I will be basing these decisions as per skill level and potential to see folks grow. This will greatly help the federation not have missed chances. Which leads into the next one.

4. When you present feud ideas and i agree to them, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to follow through on them. Especially when you're tied to a championship, i actually look forward to seeing what you and your feud partner(s) are bringing to each show. Flaking out basically translates to you being shuffled DOWN to the bottom of the cards, lowers your chances of titleshots, bigtime feuds, or even being seen on a PPV.

5. After each show or mainly after a PPV, i will do a Facebook group chat consisting of those booked. Its important to be registered for Facebook to be informed. I will pass down basically need-to-know information for the upcoming next card, what direction certain feuds might go, who is being paired up with who for their next feuds based on the previous cards. Its essentially to be apart of this, as this is my way of us being on the same page from the very start and leaves no excuses to what you want out of this fed.

6. I am currently the only show writer. I reach out to many of you to aid in the show and appreciate it. Someday, we will have a consistent staff, but its to all of us, in regards to keeping the fed alive, to pitch in. This might mean biting the bullet and writing a match you lost. I have written plenty of matches where i have lost in nontitle or championship matches, but i kept it professional. I ask the same of you during this period of chaos.

7. Strategy is still a required item for matches. I am seeing less of it as we continue. Try to at least provide bits or ideas to convey your character. I rather write something that's not related to a ragdoll.

8. So long as your contract is active, but YOU ARE NOT ACTIVE....as according to WWX guidelines, you are booked on the next card. Someone gets an easy win because you're not active. 

9. The James Ranger Office Segments can be used to pitch a match request, it gets you seen, its preferred over sending me email, it gets the attention you want for your character. Segments in general are meant for that. Don't be scared LOL

Any Questions, Doubts, Concerns...send them to davismamba87@gmail.com

WWX Releases Touring Schedule

Report Report by JAMES RANGER
On Wed, Jan04, 2017 1:33am America/Phoenix
122 Hits
World Wrestling Xistence General Manager James Ranger has published the following schedule presented for touring purposes:

January 9th,2017 - Staple Arena, Los Angeles, California - Ravage 

January 23rd, 2017 - Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Neveda - Ravage

February 6th, 2017 - US Airways Arena, Phoenix, Arizona - Ravage

February 20th, 2017 - Mobile Civic Center, Mobile, Alabama - Ravage

February 26th, 2017 - Coastal Coliseum, Biloxi, Mississippi - WWX Presents Aftershock (PPV)

James Ranger was noted to say that the full schedule is subject to change and would not release the rest of schedule due to ever changing dynamic of a wrestling roster.

That is all the information at this hour. Thank you.

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Random Superstars

6'1", 224-pound Heavyweight 

Big Papa Pain
6'6", 283-pound Heavyweight 

Willie Steen
6'1", 211-pound Liteweight 

Brett Zayne
5'11", 176-pound Liteweight 

Jake Devine
6'4", 239-pound Heavyweight 

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