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Rayne and Blayde Archer pick up some much needed momentum heading into their collision course on this week's Mayhem. In an emotionally charged main event, Xavier Pendragon and Syndicate battled it out with Syndicate barely getting the win over the Machine. How will Xavier bounce back?

The Return of Friday Night Fury

Announcement Announcement by XANDER ADAMS
On Sat, Jul22, 2017 4:18pm America/Phoenix
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The WWX is reporting major show changes in the Existence.

WWX Director Xander Adams announced effective Sunday after Mayhem, both Ravage and Mayhem will cease its operations. WWX Friday Night Fury will take their places. The First of which will air July 28th 2017. Fury General Manager James Bourne will head the program, Maxfields Stantons future in the company is unknown. 

MAYHEM - Card 2017-07-19 17:46:05

On Wed, Jul19, 2017 5:46pm America/Phoenix
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WWX Sunday Night Mayhem
Sunday July 23rd
Live from Boston Massachusetts
Opening Match - Singles Match
Kailee vs Beatrice

Singles Match - International Ranking Match
Cameron Westport vs Dr. Death
Tag Team Match- WWX Tag Team Championships
The Blade Club (Ezra Zion/Justice Johnston) vs Pure Darkness (c)

Singles Match - Non Title
Jake Devine vs Darkness
*Number one contenders match for the WWX Undisputed Championship

Singles Match - No Disqualification - WWX International Championship
Blayde Archer (c) vs "The Stressed One" Fill 

Deadline for Roleplays and Strats + Email for sending Strats/Oncard Roleplays
Rp/Segment Deadline is Saturday July 8th at 11:59 WWX Time.

3 Rp Limit, 

Any Question, Comments or concerns, Email M_baird@ymail.com or jamesbournewwx@gmail.com

Winners will be decided based on criteria stated in the WWX Official Guide.  However, on this show, other things that will influence winner decisions are:

Roleplay and Story-line, Mostly Roleplay.

Current Rankings as of July 18

On Tue, Jul18, 2017 9:14am America/Phoenix
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WWX Undisputed World Championship

CHAMPION: Syndicate

#1 Contender: Darkness

2. Jake Divine (up 1)
3. Willie Steen (up 1)
4. Xavier Pendragon
5. Krimzon Blaze (down 3)

WWX International

CHAMPION: Blayde Archer

#1 Contender: Fill

2. Bishop Polaris
3. Cameron Westport (up 1)
4. Rayne (down 3)
5. Dr. Death (new entry)

WWX Television


#1 Contender: currently vacant

2. Super Bacon (down 1)
3. Ezra Zion (down 1)
4. Beatrice (new entry, up 1)
5. Vigilante (down 2)

WWX Tag Team

CHAMPIONS: Pure Darkness

#1 Contenders: The Blade Club

2. Tommy Lipton & Rex McAllister (down 1)
3. 420 (down 1)

Reminder: The rankings will change from week to week.
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Random Superstars

Leon Jones
5'10", 185-pound Liteweight 

Justice Johnston
6'8", 385-pound Titanweight 

5'8", 150-pound Liteweight 

6'4", 310-pound Heavyweight 

6'6", 230-pound Heavyweight 

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