3 ''good guys'' vs 3 Better Wrestlers

Roleplay Roleplay by CRAZY JENNA
On Tue, Aug07, 2018 6:56pm America/Phoenix
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3 ''good guys'' vs 3 Better Wrestlers

 A video package shows some of Crazy Jenna's most outstanding matches with HexGirl.

 Crazy Jenna walks around a monitor:: Gary Tinordi  and the Pendragon's  to face 2 of the greatest Hardcore specialist on all of WWX. And to beat all they gave Hexi and me another partner in Willie Steen.

Slick Willie Steen your going to bring the class to this match as your style in and profiling.

And while your doing that Hexi and I will tossing Pandragons over the ropes and taking care of bussiness til all 3 of us get our hands raised as victors.

Now Hexie you and I havent got along since I came to WWX that is no secret. BUt we are nearly equals on any given day inside this ring and I hope I have earned enough respect from you as you have from me. 

Hexi what do you say we tear down the roof ontop of the Pendragons and their + 1's head.


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