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On Thu, Jul27, 2017 2:43pm America/Phoenix
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The scene opens with a shot of the famous French statue, Lady Liberty shining brightly amidst the beautiful New York skyline. The Big Apple was abuzz with anticipation as the legendary Madison Square Garden was set to play host to the monumental, historic return of the WWX Fury brand. The camera pans around Lady Liberty with a 360 degree Arial view then cuts to another camera inside the building, where Sarah Jackson is standing by with a bright smile as she greets the camera with her usual bubbly cheer and starts talking almost immediately.]

Sarah Jackson: Hi everybody! Sarah Jackson here coming to you live from inside the statue of liberty and fans here in New York cannot wait for the long awaited, much anticipated return of the Fury show with a pay per view quality line up with WWX finest wrestling talents!

[As if on cue, the two Blade Club brothers Justice Johnston and Ezra Zion make their way into the shot behind the female reporter. Dressed to the nines in a navy Kiton suit and a silver Cartier watch, Zion playfully wraps his right arm around the small of her back and pulls Sarah close to the hip. She smiles up at him, visibly taken by the handsome features of the Israeli native. He snaps his fingers abruptly, bringing her back to reality. She blinks twice then smiles again awkwardly as she raises the microphone up.]

Sarah Jackson: Hello Ezra, you're looking rather dapper tonight. Are you ready for your tag team title match tonight against Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister, more importantly, are you ready for the hell in a cell? 

[The Juggernaut whispers something barely audible into the ear of Ezra Zion.]

-Justice Johnston-
I cannot fight in this match, I'm claustrophobic!

[Zion scowls a little bit, his eyes shifting back and forth between Sarah and the Juggernaut.]

E-Z- Did anyone clear this with my assistant, because no one told me about any sort of career threatening death match from Hell. The Blade club already have enough on our minds right now, without having to worry about a former world champion and legitimate hall of farmer breathing down our necks and looking to make a statement at our expense with our bloodied,severed heads used as the exclamation marks. Served up on a golden platter by management. We have enough problems to think about without having to answer a bunch of stupid questions for the lowest common denominator watching somewhere out there in the world wide internet web and in social media land.

[He says in a dismissive tone, casually waving her on.]

-E-Z- We came here to New York with one goal in mind.. to leave here the same way we walk in and that's with the tag team titles around our sexy waists. Truth is, The Rexcellent Teabaggers are going to need all the time that the former tag champs can get to prepare for what's going to happen in just a matter of hours.. The Club have had the entire wrestling world on it's heels for the last month and Fury will be the night that we swoop in and cut down the competition with the entire world watching. And when someone like the Rexcellent Teabaggers. -a team who knows what it means to excell in something, something that has genuine importance - when someone like you asks me if I'm ready for Hell in a cell, when you ask if we are ready for Lipton and McAllister, I find the whole matter insulting. Of course we are ready and when we steal the show? Once again... like only the Blade Club you Alter Kakkers's...

Sarah Jackson: Im sorry, I didn't mean to insul-

-E-Z- I find this entire line of questioning insulting. The Blade Club kicked the window of opportunity in and looted success for our own personal gain without shame.. We have put every champion on and placed an expiration date on their title reign. We have proven to be the only true tag team in this division with any intent whatsoever to improve our situation and rise up to where we genuinely belong.. in the championship spotlight and on Fury, we seal the deal by defeating Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister in a historic hell in a cell match for the tag team championship titles of the wrestling world for the final bragging rights on just who the best tag team in the business is today! So the next time you or any of the idiots in the production truck feeding you your lines wants to know whether or not we're ready to ascend to the top of the Championship tree, you remember that. You remember who has brought about some REAL change in not just this division but within this entire company, not just used the word as a glorified talking point. Do I make myself clear?

[She just nods back at him. Ezra scoffs then turns his attention directly to the camera.]

-E-Z- On Fury, live from Madison Square Garden, we are going to go out to that ring and I'm going to drag this division into the era of legitimacy. I'm going to return prestige to these tag team titles and restore it to its former glory, something that's well needed after the past year. I don't care how many people out there have come to New York just to see me lose, they're going to be sorely disappointed after I make two of the true greats in this sport, taste defeat in impressive fashion. and then take our rightful place as the true tag team champions, Bruddah.. So remember the name, because you're going to be hearing a lot more of it in the coming months. Soon we will have these fans eating from the palm of our hands and making the crowd response be so loud and deafening, it can only be properly called the Blade Club pop!

[He starts to walk off but stops suddenly and turns back towards Sarah Jackson.]

-E-Z- And the next time you want to interview me Sarah...I suggest you make an appointment.

[He smirks then starts up the corridor towards the top, the same direction of his career that's so bright, you got to wear shades.. The camera looks after him for a few moments then turns back to Elise, who just shrugs a little bit. There wasn't anything else that needed to be said. She smiles again and the camera pans upwards to a banner hanging from the ceiling hyping tonight's All Or Nothing event, then gradually fades to black.

---OOC; My keyboard stopped working I did this on a touch screen tablet and it tested my patience lol---

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