Vivid Memories; To Future Conquests

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Fri, Oct20, 2017 9:57pm America/Phoenix
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Vivid Memories; To Future Conquests
The scene pans to a restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts. The restaurant is an alive, almost festive atmosphere, especially for indoor-only establishment. The lighting in the place is perfect, making it the perfect setting for the one and only, Rex McAllister, who grew up in one of the smallest towns in the whole entire United States. Now, with this being an exclusive video for WWX's online site for this week's edition of Fury, Rex was able to snare a spot outside the establishment, where the lighting is just as bright and fabulous as the inside. Rex happens to be dressed down a bit compared to some of his previous videos. Rex is sporting a plain black t-shirt, white knee-long khaki shorts, and plain black tennis shoes. Rex happens to be enjoying a nice tossed salad, with a glass of water. The camera pans in closer, as Rex takes a glance in the direction of the camera. Rex gives off a slight chuckle followed by a simple smirk.

Rex McAllister: There is so much to reveal, and so much time to do it. Last week, I only had one honest thought in my mind that I was certain without a doubt whatsoever, that was truer than anything that happened to come out of my mouth? Myself. Everything that I did happen to do, I was set on ensuring that it would be far different than anything that everyone expected me to do.  It was about casting another stone across the waters to create yet many more ripples in the sea. Rest assured, The Rex Master is very much in touch with who he is, what he represents, and what he wishes to further become.

Rex ponders a moment, a grin formulates on his face. He knows exactly where he wants to go with the time he's been given.

Rex McAllister: I came into this company looking to set examples from the moment I spoke my first words inside of an old dingy, warn out, non-renovated gymnasium on some dusty bleachers to stepping in between those ropes for the very first time. Perhaps you can recall as vividly as I can, Xavier. But I'll take a guess at it, and assume you don't. 

Rex sighs a bit, removing the napkin tucked into the collar area of his shirt. He gently pushes the bowl to the side, before staring back up at the camera, a hint of a smile on his face.

Rex McAllister: You probably don't recall how I belittled you in the beginning, and ran roughshod with my mouth at my leisure, and then proceeded to follow through with everything I would declare and stuck it to any sad intrepid little soul you chose to place in the ring with me. You watched on as I continued to evolve more and more as time passed by, witnessing true greatness at work. You watched on after I put you down at Final Countdown to end 2015, in what was the best one on one match of that year. You watched as I went from a virtual unknown, taking this place by storm by going undefeated as a Television Champion, and then later within a matter of seven months a World's Champion at just 24 years of age. I've taken everything that I've ever sought after, and I did it by setting examples all along the way. You know? The basic rags to riches story!

Rex takes a moment to lightly chuckle to himself before abruptly bringing it to an end, and becoming a bit more serious now.

Rex McAllister: This place is a mess, and quite frankly I've grown tired of it. Believe me I'll go to great lengths to clean it all up. It started with this division's champion. With him, it was about making a statement, and I'm about to do just the same this week with you, Xavier. You see, you have it backwards. I'm not in your way. You're in mine just as you were at any time previous, and on Fury I'm not going to need the hands of anyone else to put you down, Xavier. Just my own. You have my word on that, because believe it or not? I have enough respect for you to make sure that the beating you take is only temporary. Besides, watching on as another couple of years goes by, and I continue to advance forward, adding to my evolution. I'll make sure that that's the only moral victory you'll EVER achieve when standing opposite of me in that ring! You get to watch as I go on to reach heights in this company that you'll never know.  Now that...was...rexcellent!

Just then a young waitress comes into the shot to offer him something more, to which he shown politely acknowledging her, before she walks away. Rex then picks up his glass of water holding the pose, and looks at the camera once more giving a slight shrug before taking a drink as the scene slowly fades.


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