1 step back, 2 steps forward aka progress

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Thu, Jul27, 2017 10:58pm America/Phoenix
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1 step back, 2 steps forward aka progress
                                       -The Blade Club-

[The scene opens with a simple black and white shot of Blade Archer dressed in casual attire consisting of blue denims and a sleeveless black leather vest with the Blade Club logo imbedded into the back. Archer sits on the hood of a random vehicle in a parking lot with a smile.]

One fluke win Fill that is all you have over me and it sure didn't take long for you to let success get to your head. Look at you now. V.I.P. status at a Powerman5000 concert? I can see why you would like that band Fill because they are a one hit wonder, just like you. Enjoy the feeling of being champion, relish it, Bask in the glory you have while you can.. Your championship reign will be short lived and your body will be covered with road rash after your body is dragged throughout the parking lot of the worlds most famous arena of MSG and your face tasting the asphalt in a brawl for the ages here in scumbag capital of the planet, New York City.

Now Phillip, you can play coy all you want but nobody is fooled. you know just as well as we do, same as the wrestling world knows who helped to give you the assist. The hints and clues were fun but now the games are over. Prepare to have your WORLD rocked WHEN you COLLIDE with the man who will leave New York as your International Champion for the SECOND time in my young career.

Lady Luck was on your side last time and sometimes it's better to be lucky than good but the thing about luck? It runs out and good luck can change to bad as quickly as day can turn to night.

How does it feel? You know exactly how I feel, Phillip, because you have felt the same failure. Sure, we have taken our lumps but history will show you that the Blade Club can dish out the pain and punishment even more impressively than we can take it. One thing you should know about us is that we thrive in the face of adversity and grow from those experiences to become an even more resilient warrior with a stronger threshold for pain as a result. Fighting is something we have done our entire lives. In some way, shape or form.. It's all I really know how to do and it is what I do best. I was born to be a fighter. It is what I was put on this earth to do and on fury? You will Feel my fury. You will taste my wrath and you will see what real revenge looks like when we finally finish the job. Rayne was the first one on the Blade Club hit list and now you are our new target Phillip.

You speak of fears and nightmares to a man who is the ultimate dream catcher. When we engage in hand to hand combat, I won't stress. When we transform this parking lot into a warzone, I will not have a single worry because I'm not just coming to take back the International championship title, I'm planning on leaving MSG with another prize possession too, that being your scalp! I have a bloodlust that will be quenched on Fury Fill and before this is over between us? I will make you regret ever crossing my warpath. I will give the stubborn Bulgarian mule the credit he deserves by giving Fill the respect earned in battle but respect goes out the window when opportunity shows up in that same window. We both know what you and I are about to put each other through. The damage we will inflict, the ruthless violence, it tickles my spirit when I think about it. The hairs on my neck and arms are standing on end, I literally have goose pimples from the thought of your blood staining my hands. I have envisioned standing over your prone, lifeless, mangled and maimed body so many times that I am one hundred percent convinced that this fate will become your reality.

Two steps forward and one step back is still progress so remember that when going against the Blade Club because you might slow us down. You might be a pebble in our shoe, a thorn in our side but nobody anywhere will never ever-ever stop the Blade Express from steamrolling the competition on our way to the top, where the Blade Club belongs, bruddah.

[A blade Club tee shirt is tossed over the camera fading us to black.]

                                      -THE BLADE CLUB-

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