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Roleplay Roleplay by JARVIS VALENTINE
On Fri, Feb16, 2018 10:14am America/Phoenix
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1011 Now
Scene opens at a television station where we can see the lights and stage with a ď1011 NowĒ logo. We can see Jarvis setting in a chair getting hooked up for sound. From the right a fair skinned man walks into the scene. He shakes Jarvisís hand before he sets down in a chair next to Jarvis: 

Jarvis: Never thought I would be in studio for 1011. Always love your stuff Rusty!

Rusty: Yea, but this is new to me as I am a weatherman. But when I heard that you were going to ge coming in to talk about Aftershock, I had to get my name in the hat to interview you. Going to have to get a autograph to for my kid.

Jarvis: Thatís not a problem at all man. Be happy too.

Director: Going live in 3...2...1

Rusty: Welcome back everyone. I know everyone is use to me doing the weather report, but today is special. (As the camera starts to pan back from Jarvis) Today I get to interview - in my opinion- the future of WWX, and Nebraska native, Jarvis Valentine! How are you doing today?

Jarvis: Iím doing great Rusty! Thanks for having me on the show!

Rusty: We are excited to have you! Now, this Saturday youíre scheduled to take on Willie Steen for the WWX Television Championship. Not only that, but you also have another match, possible two matches for the Crusade Cup. Where if you win, you get a shot at th3 WWX World belt too. How excited are you?

Jarvis: Oh man. Iím super excited. I kinda have a feeling of how I felt back in 97 when the Husker won the National Championship. Iím also nervous as hell. This is my first title shot here in WWX, and I am hoping to get that ďWĒ. Steen is going to be tough man. He is a five time Television Champion, tag, World, you name it, he has done it. So this will be no cake walk at all, but I am confident in my skills to pin him and take his TV belt. 

Rusty: And then your next match is against Jake Devine to try and move on in the Crusade cup. You made it to the semiís, but can you make it to the finals after already having a match?

Jarvis: I sure am going to try. My goal for Saturday is to have three matches in all.

Rusty: Whoa sir. Thatís a long night!

Jarvis: Yes it is, but If i could win the TV belt, then my semi finals match, then win the match to get a shot at the World titleÖ

Rusty: Would be a heck of a night for you!

Jarvis: That it would Rusty. At the very least though I want to get that TV belt around my waist. I know Steen is all excited about being a five time tv champ. My goal is to be the best TV champ the WWX has seen! 

Rusty: You donít seem to pumped about the Crusade Cup.

Jarvis: Oh I am. But baby steps Rusty. My main focus is getting gold around my waist and going into the WWX record book. Then my focus will turn to the Crusade Cup. Right now, It is Steen who I am worried about. Speaking of witch, I need to catch my flight to Cali. 

Rusty: Awesome Jarvis! Thanks for joining us today, and we wish you the best of luck!

1011 switches to the news desk and both Jarvis and Rusty get up out of the chairs. Rusty walks away for a brief moment and returns with a boxed action figure of Jarvis.

Rusty: Can you sign this for my boy?

Jarvis smiles

Jarvis: Of course I can!

Jarvia grabs the box to sign as the scene fades to black.


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