3 Yappy Pups and a Proper Bitch

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On Wed, Sep13, 2017 10:31pm America/Phoenix
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3 Yappy Pups and a Proper Bitch
*Hex Girl is sitting at the airport waiting to board her flight. She is watching something on her tablet when the camera approaches. The camera man clears his throat to get her attention. She clicks off the tablet and looks at the camera.*

I see you just couldn't wait until I got to Ireland to catch up with me, you just had to catch me before I left the US. Well I guess I have a few moments to talk. 

*she lifts and waves her tablet.* 

The WWX app is great for keeping tabs on what my opponents have been saying.

Oh yes Jairus I have your number. And that number I call unworthy. You have been slated to face me twice since becoming the number one contender for the Television title and you couldn't be bothered to say a word about either match. You weaseled your way out of one match and put on a phoned in effort on the second.The ONLY reason you are slated to be in that ring at World Series is because you are the number one contender. You seem to be of the opinion that you only need to devote you attention to a match if it involves a title or affects your ranking.... WRONG! You ignore your opponent that is massive disrespect not just to the person you are facing but to the fans. I don't respond to disrespect very well and it earns you a severe ass-beating. You're not paying dues at this point Luke your account in collections. You say you're ready for me. *laughs* Bring it cupcake. I have been more than ready for you. 

Kailee we all know you to be a quiet little bird who will occasionally pipe up and try to show herself to be something more than just a pretty face. I guess we will have to wait and see what you decide to do in this match. Just don't expect to get lost in the shuffle and pounce for an easy victory. No, no, no we don't play that game at World Series. You'll be in the meat grinder with the rest of us and come out looking a bit less pretty for the after party. I recommend you find your voice soon otherwise I might be tempted to put you down for the same level of punishment I have slated for Jairus.

Johnny Needham ... I know nothing about you. You had better come say something to show you actually have some cajones. Otherwise you are just going to get mowed over and receive the same lesson about disrespect Jairus is gonna be receiving. Here are some cliff notes in case you've missed the last few lessons. I hate hearing the sound of crickets coming from the direction of my opponents. It makes me want to be more violent. Do your self a favor and speak up.

Finally we come to Beatrice, my old friend. *She gives a Cheshire cat grin.* We always have so much fun in the ring don't we. I realize you are going to have your eye on the big prize just don't get tunnel vision. As Kate loves to remind me situational awareness is a wonderful asset. Being in the ring with me and three yappy upstarts it's good advice. Now granted those yappy upstarts are more or less distractions, but we both need to give the fans what they want without letting one of these pups win. Honestly Bea, of the group going into that ring against me the only one that I even think is worthy of a title shot is you so come on girl don't disappoint me. I realize that I'm going to have four people trying their damnedest to pin my ass but you, better than anyone, should know I don't go down easy. 

*The airport PA annouces boarding for a flight has begun.*

Well time for this little chat is over. I'll see you all in Dublin.

*She grabs her bags and heads for the gate.*

[Cut to WWX Logo] 

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