420? You Mean 000?

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Fri, Jun02, 2017 12:17pm America/Phoenix
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420? You Mean 000?
[The camera pans to a shot of Tom Black and his partner Bishop Polaris, talking in Polaris' parish.]

Tom Black: Why do we have to be here of all places? I mean, look at it!

Polaris: OK, OK, Tom, next time we can stay  at your dirty old damp cave...

Tom Black: Well, anyway, 420...

[Polaris interrupts him mid speech]

Polaris: Oh yes, them.

[He says in a disgusted tone as he scowls.]

Tom Black: Bishop, do you remember when I laid their asses down on the mat?

Polaris: Yes, yes that was good.

Tom Black: Well, this would be our first match as a team after we faced the champions, Lipton and McAllisteer, so I was thinking, we should put a lot more training into our regime, all thought that may not be an issue if I'm the TV champ by then...

[Polaris smiles as Black taps his waist to signify being the champion.]

Polaris: Indeed, but that may not be an issue either way with the dirty, smoking impurities on Sunday.

Tom Black: I still wanna have even more strength to Black Hole them onto the canvas anyway.

[Tom suddenly notices the cameraman standing beside him and he tugs on Polaris' sleeve to grab his attention, Bishop mumbles under his breath as he turns to face the camera.]

Polaris: Alright, alright...

[Tom Black twitches his neck as always as he speaks clearly to the camera.]

Tom Black: Hello Mayhem, we're Pure Darkness, as always, and we need to speak to you of the addicts you call 420.

Polaris: Yes, you may not like what we have to say, but honestly we do not care.

Tom Black: We do not enjoy facing Tinordi and Glazebrook, but Mr Adams has informed me that I may not dispose over them. In my dark reign there should not be any stains upon it and 420 are one of those stains.

Polaris: No impurity can be around under the Parish of Polaris,and 420,once again, are one of those impurities.

Tom Black: So, even though Xander Adams says I may not kill them, I'm going to do the closest thing, I'm going to end their career.

[All of the people walking around the area gasp in horror. They are all strict puritans and they are surprised that their Bishop as allowed this monster in their midst.]

Polaris: Don't worry WWX, you can still visit them in their hospital!

Tom Black: Yes, this Sunday, your famous 420 will take position in their new jobs, less violent jobs.

Polaris: Are you sure of that? Men who are smoking addicts and a probable IQ of a Gorilla cannot get decent jobs!

Tom Black: OK,let me re-phrase that for you. When we annihilate 420, they are going to go to the hospital with lasting injuries. When they finally get out of the hospital they will become homeless because of their criminal record and qualifications.

[Polaris raises an eyebrow at Black.]

Tom Black: OK, I may have committed a few crimes, but I am clever about them, I don't publicly televise my crimes, even now you have no idea what I have done! I mean, a name like 420? You might as well of gone into the streets  yelling that you have committed crimes!

Polaris: Yes, we will prove to you that life isn't about "420", it is about being completely pure.

Tom Black: And we are, PURE Darkness, and we will prove to you a second time that you are not 4 2 0, you are 0 0 0.

Polaris: This brings me to my next subject, what Glazebrook and Tinordi said about us...

[Black interrupts Polaris like Polaris did to him.]

Black: Actually,I would like to talk about their words and actions quickly. Matt, Gary, when it comes to wrestling, we prevail, trying to teach us in the ways of the tag team is not going to work, when we walk or crawl into the  ring, we don't suddenly get incredibly confused about peoples names, we fight. You say you're going to teach us a lesson we should of learned already,when a couple of weeks ago we taught you on this very show, Mayhem. You're not going to be able to talk to me about my name in the squared circle, you're going to see a flash of me, and it's all over. Yes I'm talking now, but  thats besides the point, when you step into the ring, there's gonna be no games, no smoking, and no having random conversations about your high school coach, all my secondary school coach taught me, is give em pain. And that's what I intend to do.

Polaris: Very well said Tom, and now, we have some unnecessary training to do, see you this Mayhem.

Tom Black: And Steen, I'll see you tonight...

[The scene fades to black as they walk towards the gym.] 


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