4th and Long

Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Wed, Aug23, 2017 7:43pm America/Phoenix
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4th and Long
[8/20/2017 A overhead shot of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Penn the home of the Steelers is shown. As the Steelers and the Atlanta Falcons go head to head in a preseason game the camera focuses in on a press box and slowly zooms in, showing Cam Westport enjoying the game. Also in his booth is Lamar Graham, the two are casually discussing the Falcons.]

Cam Westport “The Panthers are overhyped, the Saints don’t have a defense and the Bucs and Winston aren’t ready for the playoffs! Of course we’ll take the division! We’ve got the League MVP for god’s sake.”

LG “I’m just saying The Panthers are poised to bounce back and Winston is coming along well.”

Cam “Man, you gotta be kidding me!”

[Cam and LG are laughing when they see the camera has entered the room. Cam slaps the arm of a seat next to his.]

Cam “Sit down man! Enjoy the game and give me that camera!”

[Cam takes the camera from the camera man and the camera man sits. Cam approaches the window and points the camera at the field.]

Cam “It’s 4th and long, Westport has Steen on his heels, but Steen has one last chance to get the 1st down and keep this drive alive. (Cam is commentating as the Steelers drop back to pass. The QB tosses the ball, it floats threw the air into the hands of the receiver. As the receiver catches the ball, a Falcons player absolutely smokes the receiver, knocking the ball out, making it a turnover on downs.) Oh! And Cam Westport absolutely destroys Steen! Turnover on downs and Steen fails to convert! That is the ball game! (Cam turns the camera around to himself.) See what I’m saying Steen? This is your 4th and long, if you don’t take this match, you are officially old news! I’m on the come up and I’m ready to start knocking names out of the rankings and I’m starting with you on Fury.”

LG “After Cam is done with you, you’ll be glad you’re not ranked, so you won’t have to fight him again!”

[Cam hands the camera back to the camera man and walks over to the mini bar in the booth. He pours himself a drink and looks back to the camera.]

Cam “Not only is this a good chance to expose you to what level of destroyed you’re going to be. But now I can show you and everyone else where I am on the food chain. Ranked H I G H High in the world title rankings, but also up here in the luxury booth. Why? Because I’m a star. The Falcons always have a spot for one of Atlanta’s heroes! 

I think our cities’ football teams say a lot about us as well! Cam Westport’s Atlanta Falcons defending NFC champions and home to league MVP Matt Ryan versus Willie Steen’s LA Rams… the leagues worst offense and coming fresh off of a 4-12 season. You, like the Rams are old news. Rumor has it you were good at one point, while my Falcons are on top of the world!

You brag about your athletic talents... haha take all of your athletic prowess and put in 6’7 and 245 pounds. I’m all of your good traits, in a better body. You have no edge Steen, so come Fury I’m going to take my size, speed, strength, agility, charisma and remind you how inferior you are!”

[Cam points towards the door and signals the cameraman out.]

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