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On Wed, May09, 2018 12:32pm America/Phoenix
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+ DragonFly stands atop the roof of a New York Skyscraper +

*Neon yellow eyes peer down over the edge of the building to view the people of New York walking up and down the sidewalks that resemble ants from this distance. *

Ravage will crown a new hardcore king this Monday Night in one of the most famous locations in the world. Times Square. 

It is a great honor to compete for the newly unveiled Hardcore Championship in the main event of Ravage, the flagship show of WWX, in what will be my third official match and a second chance at making history. 

First by retiring the Television title as its last rightful owner. 

Now an opportunity has been granted for me to make a different type of history by becoming the first new WWX Hardcore Champion. 

It is both a blessing and a curse. 

On one hand, there is the admiration and respect that comes with the privilege of becoming a champion.

In the other hand, there is the constant unrelenting pressure of rising up to defend the Championship throne against a hungry pack of rabid wolves, all fighting for Alpha status.

* The sun sets over New York in a collage of rainbow colors of pink, purple, orange and teal. *

Four competitors will challenge for the right to be named... Hardcore Champion.

Unpredictable quickness and reaction speed will be the key to victory. 

Tiordi. bale. grayse. be ready.

+ DragonFly leaps off the ledge and soars into the night. +

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