A Battle of Giants

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Thu, Jun15, 2017 12:06pm America/Phoenix
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A Battle of Giants
[Tom Black is stood outside in a big square, there are animals stood around him in different enclosures, he is particularly interested in an elephant who's stood in front of him eating some leaves and wagging it's tail. The camera walks towards Tom Black showing him face on, he is intrigued in this animal.]

Tom Black: What a majestic creature, massive and wide yet so powerful and strong. This elephant is grazing at the moment so far, put if you provoke it, it will go on a violent rampage, attacking anything in sight.

[He twitches his neck as if to signify that this metaphor is of himself.]

Tom Black: The same goes for me, if you try to befriend me, and I befriend you, I will stay calm. But if you provoke me, I blow a fuse, this is what happened on Mayhem. Once again I have been provoked, this time by a certain Blayde Archer. As much as I would like to rid him from this world, I am not in a match against him. But I'm against the next best thing, his tag team partner, the one who pinned me after interference from Archer.

[He suddenly looks as if he's about to explode with anger at the memory.]

Tom Black: This 'Jumbo' as you refer to him, is very large. He's won strongman competitions and he even pinned me. But when he doesn't have his partners with him, or I don't have to share the ring with a partner, things get a whole lot different. When Johnston steps into the ring with me, there's no escape, no one to have him rescued, well unless they enjoy their career anyway. 

[He suddenly turns around at the sound of an elephant's trumpet, there is now a second elephant in the enclosure ready to charge.]

Tom Black: You see Dumbo, sorry Jumbo, you may be an elephant, but you can't fly. See look at these elephants for example, a battle of giants, to creatures going against each other in a massive battle! My money's on this one...

[He points an elephant that is a lot skinnier yet taller, about to charge at a shorter, plumper elephant doing the same thing.]

Tom Black: This elephant has been provoked and once he starts going you wont be able to stop him, this is also the same with me.

[The elephant finally charges and surprises the other, it knocks it over and starts to attack the other while its still on the floor. The keepers notice and everything is panicked but Tom Black is just clapping and smiling.]

Tom Black: Now that was something wasn't it! When I go into the match on Mayhem I'm going to gore  Dumbo and nobody will stop me, I will carry  on inflicting mass amounts of pain until I can't physically carry on. 

[The keepers go in and they start trying to tranquilize the angry animal, it takes about 10 shots but the elephant eventually stops attacking and it falls on it's side. Both the elephants being unconscious but the poor attacked elephant severely injured.The children are screaming and the people are mumbling worried. But Tom Black isn't, he's just stood there staring at the camera satisfied with his 10 minute trip.]

Tom Black: You see Johnston, there is a big difference between me and you, although we bot have tag teams, I don't need my partner to hold my hand into the event and help me if I get a boo boo. Yes, Polaris is a great help but I don't necessarily need him to win events, and when we go head to head on Mayhem, you wont have Zion and Archer to read you your bedtime story and spoil you about your strong man events. When you're against the Dark One you need to prove that your a strong MAN, that you can hold yourself up when I take the fight to you.

[He points at the camera angrily. He is really hyping himself up.]

Tom Black: All these people I've disposed of have all been more or less the same as you, feeble and arrogant, thinking they can take on the Dark One, yes, you did 'pin' me, but that was because of your little club, this time you wont have your so called friends to save you, as I said earlier no escape. The only escape you'll have is by me pinning you and then you can run along to Archer and Zion.

[He starts to march down the path uninterested by everyone and everything. He turns at a corner and spots a small man in a Tommy Lipton t-shirt.]

Tom Black: Oh look, this man doesn't know WWX but I'm going to ask him a question anyway.

[He walks over to the man who still hasn't seen him, he stands there for 5 seconds,gets bored and eventually taps him on the shoulder the man turns around and whimpers something out.]

WWX Fan: Oh, oh, sorry.

[It's at this point he notices that it's the 310 lbs, 6'11 monster of a man, Tom Black that's stood there in front of him. He jumps and starts shivering. He notices what he's wearing isn't quite appropriate for talking to Tom Black and covers the Lipton shirt up.]

WWX Fan: Oh my gosh! It's Tom Black!

Tom Black: Yes, it's me!

WWX Fan: I'm so sorry about the T-Shir...

[Tom cuts him off before he goes raging again.]

Tom Black: Yes, I know the t-shirt, now, I have a question for you young man.

WWX Fan: Yes, anything!

Tom Black: DO you know who Justice Johnston is?

WWX Fan: Yes, strong, very strong, Blade Club.

Tom Black: And you know me?

WWX Fan: Yes, you're the Dark One! You are a brilliant fighter!

Tom Black: What's your opinion on our match this Sunday?

WWX Fan: Yes, I'm very excited for that one, but my money's on you of course though.

Tom Black: Good, now put something better on...

[He pulls a Dark One t shirt out of his pocket and throws it at the man, hitting his face and surprising the fan as Tom Black walks off.]

WWX Fan: Thanks Tom!

[Tom huffs as he walks out of the gates and turns around.]

Tom Black: There you have it!

[The camera fades to black as Tom climbs into his black BMW and drives into the distance.]

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