A better hunter

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Tue, Dec05, 2017 9:10am America/Phoenix
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A better hunter
[The scene opens up showing the back alley gym that had been seen prior. The lights can be seen hanging as the old TV can be seen set up in the corner as it comes to life. A voice can be heard].

???: This is previously recorded footage released to the WWX Nation. 

[The camera opens up shortly after Ravage went off the air. Rayne can be seen going through the back aisles of the arena].

Rayne: Where the fu*k is he? Either dam* one of them? I WANT THEM NOW!

[He continues stalking as he sees a producer walking through the back. He grabs him by his shirt collar and throws him into the wall].


Producer: I...dont...know!?

[Rayne throws him into the other wall and continues down the hallway. He keeps walking through asking people the same question, and getting the same answer. He continues a path of destruction through the back, throwing people into walls before going out into the parking lot where the scene fades. The TV turns off as a steel chair can be seen sitting in the middle of the room. From the shadows, Rayne walks over to the chair and sits down. A look of sheer aggression on his face, he stares into the camera].

Rayne: A hunter is only as good as his last kill, and frankly, I missed my shot by a mile. 

[He leans back into the seat and continues speaking].

Rayne: These past few weeks, I have tried to continue to evolve into something better, something more only to once again have it taken away by a man who doesnt deserve everything that he is getting. He continues to insert his ugly head in places that it doesnt belong, ensuring like nothing more than a small child that if he cant have what he wants, no one can. 

[Rayne runs his hands through his hair and leans forward trying to keep his composure].

Rayne: I searched for you. I searched for both of you. I wanted nothing more than to get my hands around your pathetic necks, and finish what I started against Syndicate. I heard what you had to say Sydney. You are “the champion” and you are “the greatest” and what the fu*k ever else you continue to hash out week by week. I could really care less at this point. I am not going to call you anything other than a coward, and I think we all can attest to that. You got a win by someone elses hand, the same thing you used to complain about. So tell me, why the double standard?
[Rayne stands up and begins pacing the room].

Rayne: This week, I get the chance to take both of you out and redeem myself. I get the chance to do what you have done to me darkness, and insert MYSELF into YOUR title match. I get the chance to take you out in the only thing you like to show up for and take it away from you. I get to silence you once and for all, and all I have to do is win. All I have to do...is win. 

[He stops and looks into the camera as he continues speaking].

Rayne: This time around, there will be no escape. I have both of you right where I want you. This last week Darkness, the two of you outsmarted me. There is a reason that I have been called the silent assassin though. When I strike, you dont see it. This week, I intend to outsmart both of you. You can team me with whoever you all feel is necessary to push your agenda. I dont care who he teams me with, I dont need them. My tag partner left and now I am on my own. The only warning that I have for all three of you, my partner included, is get ready for the pain that I am going to bring. At this point, I need NO ONE to help me achieve what I am after. This is all on me. And when you have a man fighting with nothing left to lose, the possibilities are endless. Its the Rayne boys, and its pouring harder than ever. 

[Rayne turns and walks back into the dark area as the scene fades to black].

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