A Broken Division

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On Thu, Oct19, 2017 3:14am America/Phoenix
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A Broken Division
[ The segment takes place in the backstage area of an arena, as an unknown laughter echoes through the corridors. The camera follow the sound of laughter, as it reaches one of the rooms and sees Fill sitting on a chair and watching a replay of Rex and Tommy attacking each other. Fill notices the camera and looks at it with tears from laughter ]

Fill: Can you believe this?

[ He asks and starts laughing again ]

Fill: I swear, I didn't see that coming, really! 

[ He tries to relax for a moment as he pauses the video to catch his breath ]

Fill: I've gotta say, I never thought James Bourne's return would be so...refreshing. From the memories I've had of him, he's been known with causing chaos around WWX with his way of control. More like, decisions that can cause everything to get out of control. But you know what? I say that's actually a good thing, as weird as it sounds. I mean... look at this.

[ Fill points at the screen, that's pauses with Rex and Tommy staring each other down ]

Fill: I admit, if this had happened to me, I'd be pissed too, even though I would never betray my partner. I have my own code of honor. But aside of that, the tag team division has always been broken in my eyes, and let me tell you why.

[ Fill gets up from the chair and gets a little closer to the camera ]

Fill: I remember when I started my time here at the WWX, back then the tag team champions were Christina Wright and Lance Invictus. From what I heard, they won the titles from a team which was considered as one of the best in history, which is great and all, but they weren't just tag team champions. They mocked anyone who stepped in front of them, they almost treated the titles as toys. Every time they lost them, it was under awkward circumstances. My memory is a little fuzzy, I admit, but their first reign ended with them just giving the titles to Krimzon Blaze and...not sure I can say it correctly... Zwerg Taashmesh (he says it slowly with his tongue swirling as if he's having difficulty). And why did they do that? They did it as a joke, got the titles back either on the same night or the following show. Afterwards I think they vacated the titles since there were hardly any teams left in WWX, and everyone forgot about them until Jester and I won a gauntlet match to win them. Next up we had...

[ Fill pauses for a moment and makes a disgusted look ]

Fill: The Insurgence. Practically the same thing can be said about the Blade Club, and I've said it many times - they hardly represented WWX at all. What they did was win, go to a party, brag about their success which was won thanks to all of them interfering in their matches, sure that is team play after all, but they turned their success in a cause to overthrow each other. I stopped counting how many times they threw someone from their team for lame reasons, and yet again - Rayne and I - representing When Worlds Collide put a stop to their mockery of the tag team division by winning the titles from them. As for what happened later on, I hardly know. About the time I left WWX in 2015 the tag team titles were at the hands of  Baalzebul and Cassius Sampson Irving - a completely random team.

[ Fill sits back on the chair, takes a quick look at the screen and smiles before he continues ]

Fill: Which brings me back to the point - the tag team division has ALWAYS been broken. If anyone thinks they have it all under control, it's always temporary. James Bourne only helped prove it. I'm not saying we from When Worlds Collide will fix it, but we can maintain it at least. Rayne and I can do it once more, and considering the random teams we will be facing - odds are pretty clear. Now unlike Rayne, I haven't faced either of our two opponents - Kailee and Kurtis Ray. I will in no way underestimate either of them, especially not Kurtis who has enough experience in WWX and its tag team division. But for some reason I doubt they can stay on the same page. It's all up to them I guess, but all in all. 

Fill: Thank you Mr.Bourne (said in a mocking tone)... for portraying to the tag team division what happens...When Worlds Collide.

[Fade to black]

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