A Broken Man

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Tue, Sep26, 2017 11:33am America/Phoenix
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A Broken Man
*The WWX logo flashes on-screen before giving way to a shot of backstage after World Series.  The hallway is filled with various people ranging from crew members to wrestlers to authority figures, all buzzing about the event and the impending Darkness - Korath main event at Hall of Pain.  In the midst of the chaos, Leon Jones is facing the camera, wearing a fancy blue suit and holding a WWX-branded microphone in his right hand.*

Jones: This is Leon Jones for WWXonline.com, reporting live from backstage at the 3Arena in Dublin.  World Series has come and gone, and with it, the championship reign of Syndicate has come to an end at the hands of Darkness and his accomplice, Brytney.  Darkness, now a four-time World Heavyweight Champion, looks to defend his title at Hall of Pain against -


*The camera quickly pans to the left, where an enranged Syndicate is seen coming through the hallway.  Hair disheveled and face bruised, the former World Champion is looking more enraged than ever before.  He is only dressed in his ring gear of black elbow pads, straight black pants, and gray Nike shoes, showing that he clearly has not been thinking or doing anything else since the loss.  As he furiously makes his way down the hallway, he notices Leon and the camera out of the corner of his eye and stops dead in his tracks.*

Jones: ...a word, Syndicate?

*Syndicate slowly makes his way over to Leon but refuses to look at the interviewer.  Instead, his attention is focused directly on the camera.*

Syndicate: Every year...every year, I come so close.  Every year, I make my way to the top, and every year, I come crashing right back down.  2017 seemed like a banner year for me...and now, it'll be seen as a JOKE and a FAILURE.

*He pushes back his blonde hair as he seethes.*

Syndicate: All I want is my Hall of Pain moment.  That's ALL.  But now, for the fifth year in a row, I'm going to get that moment RIPPED from my deserving hands.  And the worst part is that you people don't give two shits about it.

*Syndicate suddenly collapses to the floor and lies there on the concrete, muttering something. 
 Leon shows a look of concern at Syndicate's current state but says nothing.*

Syndicate: ...n....nothing....nothing ever changes............nothing ever changes......

*Syndicate glances back up at the camera, still lying on the ground.*

Syndicate: ...change is about to be made.

*The Los Angeles Outlaw looks down at the ground as he continues.  He can now be seen shaking and fidgeting with his hands.*

Syndicate: I am a broken man...a man who has put everything he had into his craft, only to receive nothing in return.  But now...now that I've been DISCARDED like a scrap piece of paper, like the corpse of an innocent fly...I have nothing to lose...

*He stands up once more with a dead-serious face and a desperate look in his eye.  Syndicate looks unwaveringly into the camera.*

Syndicate: I will not stop, I will not rest, and I will not surrender until the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship sits back on my shoulder.  This is a direct message to all of the wrestlers and employees of this God-forsaken company: I don't care who you are, or where you come from, or what you do.  I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU HOLD NEAR AND DEAR.  I will throw your bodies off of a cliff if that's what gets me closer to that golden title once more.  There will be NO MERCY.  There will be NO FORGIVENESS.  And it will not stop...it will not stop until I get back what I DESERVE.

*Syndicate violently shoves the cameraman down to the floor and storms off.  As the camera hits the ground, the feed immediately erupts with static.*


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