A Call of Fate

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Thu, Aug24, 2017 9:48pm America/Phoenix
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A Call of Fate
The camera opens to Jake Devine lying on his couch. His right arm is still bandaged. Jake's house is a mess. Clothes scattered, multiple soda cans and pizza boxes thrown across the floor, the coffee table is broken. Yet Jake doesn't seem to mind. Jake's cellphone starts to ring. He picks it up, looks at the screen, but doesn't answer the call. The phone stops ringing and Jake looks at the camera.

Jake: You see this? This, is what failure has done to me. I haven't left my house for over a week now. The WWX Universe asks: What happened to Jake Devine? This. Your hero is lying down in a pile of trash, tasting failure.

With a considerate ammount of effort, Jake sits up. It appears that hid back is still hurting.

Jake: After all I've done, all of my work, I still wasn't able to beat Syndicate. And you guess what? Krimson Blaze did it. Doesn't matter if I was partly responsible for it. When I had the opportunity, I choked. And then, I was beaten in 30 seconds by Fill. Pathetic. I don't know what I was trying to prove, competing in that state... But I failed it hard. And now, here I am. Tasting my...

Jake's phone rings once more. Jake looks at his phone, annoyed, and still refuses to pick it up.

Jake: Everybody is calling me nowadays. "Hey champ you did your best, we're all rooting for you next week. Bullshit. Nobody knows what this feels like. Nobody knows what watching all of your hard work go down the drain in seconds feels like. I am booked against Darkness again for this week's Fury. The same Darkness that I beat on my ascent to championship contendership.  And this ranking match is meaningless to me. Why would I climb up the rankings if I know that I cannot beat Syndicate for the title? Well, it does have some importance. My match with Darkness will be my la-

The phone rings one last time. Jake, furious, picks up the smartphone and prepares to toss it away. However, as his arm swings, he looks at the screen. A look of shock covers his face. He stares at the phone for a few seconds.

Jake: I need to pick up this call. Leave.

Jake stands up from the couch and walks away. The camera follows him.

Jake: Yeah. Jake speaking. I'm guessing this is important.

Jake walks away from the room, closing the door behind his back. Unintelligible mumble is heard, as the camera fades to black.

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