A Dark Event Needs THE Dark One

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Wed, Nov01, 2017 10:23am America/Phoenix
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A Dark Event Needs THE Dark One
[Everything is black, all you can hear is the rushing sound of water and the occasional drip from above. Time passes, every 2 seconds you hear pacing. Suddenly a light flashes at the camera, everything becomes white for a few seconds and your eyes adjust to the light again. There is a massive man stood in front of you he turns around to lookat the camera and you notice that his face has a mask on one side, he has a leather jacket and black jeans on, he has obviously been sweating exceedingly. This is The Dark One, a former world tag team champion, entrant of the first tournament for the International championship, self proclaimed champion killer, defeater of legends, this is Tom Black.]

Tom Black: Good evening WWX, it's been a few months hasn't it! But I'm here. Some of you may not care, but I don't care, all that matters is that I get a chance to send you through the Black Hole.

[He carries on pacing the room, for once smiling at the fact that he has the chance to be back again. For once, this isn't a sarcastic smile, this is a smile at having the chance to maim, dismantle, break.]4

Tom Black: Anyway, I have something to address, the next event is the PPV known as Hall of Pain, isn't it? And obviously I like the idea of giving pain, possibly in a hall, but preferably in a ring. This is a halloween event, a dark event. Well, I'm the Dark One as I've printed into your minds hopefully. And the Dark One wouldn't return on Fury, or any other PPV. So, what am I going to do about this?

[He looks thoughtfully at the ceiling, as though pretending to be pondering.]

Tom Black: Well, I'll show you. 

[Tom switches his grubby television and sits heavily down on his dirty sofa. Dropping in his seat, he grabs the remote and turns the channel to the WWX app. He turns on an episode of Fury. The video is fast forwarded to a match with Jester pinning a wrestler to the mat.]

Tom Black: This is why I'm back, yes, I've been watching you Jester since you've debuted. You are my main crushing victim. I have been watching you rise and rise. Now you have the International championship. The championship I should've won all the way back in April. You have ruined the name of that title and you have furthered my hatred towards you. A couple of months ago,I had a  rivalry between my old tag team, Pure Darkness and two literal, and metaphorical clowns, called Funzo and Happy Gigglesworth. You are no different, you are a joke, you're not just a Joker, you're a Joke. You come  into that ring all happy happy, "Look at me! I'm the champion, everyone loves me!", and I despise it, someone needs to put you in your place, and I know I'm the right man to do it.

[Tom twitches and calms himself down, then talks in a calmer voice.]

Tom Black: You're supposed to be in a singles match against Bob Mellon aren't you? He's supposed to be an all time legend, isn't he? And to that, I say, pah, legend my ass, if anyone' a legend it's Tommy Lipton, and I put that idiot down a long time ago when I ripped the championship out of his hands. And now Bobby, I'm talking to you now. You were an IWA champion, one of the old championships. Not only was that an old championship, you're old news. IWA was a long time ago now, it's old news, and so are you. I don't care what you, or anyone else have accomplished, because I am the Dark One and you are not! I have trained a lot,and I mean a lot, since my absence, I'm not only stronger, but I'm also more skilled. You are a similar weight to me, but you don't stand at 6'10, you simply can't wrestle like me. I will dethrone you AND Jester and that's a fact, because guess what Mr Melon! I have now been booked in this match dammit!

[He is starting to get excited, the TV has tuned off and he's now stood up and shouting.]

Tom Black: You call yourself 'The Beast', but the only beast you are is a bug, and I'm going to squash you. When you step into the ring, you're not going to be wrestling a wrestler, you will be wrestling an aggressive fighter. I can destroy you, you can smack talk all you want, but in the end, I'm stronger than you, bigger than you, faster than you, more skilled, yet more aggressive than you. I really want to say that I'm going to go easy on you, but I'm not, and that's for both of you. If you really want, you can team on me, this is a triple threat match, I don't care, do all you want but it just wont work.

[He signals for you to follow and walks through a passage to get into his private gym, it's just the same as it was before, there are lots of workout machines, he sits on one of the benches.]

Tom Black: Once again, welcome to my gym! This is where I've pretty much been for the past few months, training for this moment. I've said I would win this championship before, but last time I didnt . I was new and thought it would be easy, but in fact it wasn't .  This time though, I will rip the title out of your hands jester, I will rip you limb from limb until I get what I want. I did it to Lipton and McAllister, and this time it will be no different. As I  said before, you are no champion. Who in this business would ever believe that a man called 'Jester' would one day be champ. This company has always been a free for all and this Hall of Pain it aint gonna change. I'm coming back for you, both of you. There's no where to run.

[Tom walks to a leg curls machine and starts getting to work. He doesn't even break a sweat He even carries on talking through what some people would consider difficult.]

Tom Black: My return will be great and historic, and there's no way you're getting in my way, either of you. None of you have prepared for me, I am going to be the surprise of your life, no one is ever ready when Tom Black walks into the ring. It will be my decision when the match ends and what will happen in it. Im controlling the match. 

[He stands up and stares straight into the camera, his glaring will make anyone uncomfortable, when he does this you know he's serious.]

Tom Black: I know I'm asking a lot from you, but at Hall of Pain, you two better be ready for me.

[The camera fades to black while the Dark One stares the camera man down.]


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