A Deck Full Of Cards.

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Sun, Nov26, 2017 5:21am America/Phoenix
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A Deck Full Of Cards.
[The scene opens up inside of a casino, filled with gambling tables of all sorts including Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold'Em, amongst others as there's a bunch of people surrounding one particular table as the players involved are none other then WWX Hall of Famer "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze and a local at the Black Jack table.]

*Dealer deals KB and Local a hand, KB's hand coming up 21 right off the bat while the Local has a measly 6*

Local: Hit Me.

*Dealer gives Local a card enabling him to get to 16.*

Local *Sweating a bit*: Hit me again.

[Some people watching were holding there breath as the dealer shows another card - a 5, hitting 21.]

Dealer: Winners!

[The dealer hands KB and the local the winnings they made as KB is up several thousand dollars while the Local is up around two hundred or so from the looks of his chips.]

[KB brings the camera up close in on him.]

KB: For me, Life is like a deck full of cards - One draw and you easily win, however, there's a very large chance you'll end up losing and be lost back to the end of the shuffle.

[KB bets 100 bucks and the local decides to go All In.]

*Dealer deals out the hands, KB gets another 21!*

KB: Ah, just my luck.

*Dealer hands Local his deal, and he busts getting a 22 making the crowd start to boo*

KB: It's with luck on my side and a hefty amount of moves in my arsenal that have enabled me to be at the top of the WWX for quite some time.

Fozzy just doesn't quite know what to think about me, other then that I'm someone he doesn't want to double cross.

But this isn't about Fozzy.

It's about a man that I face this upcoming Ravage -- Tom Black.

A former tag team champion to your resume, I see.

[KB takes his winnings and makes his way to the Cashier's Cage and pockets his money in his already stuffed wallet.]

KB: There is no secret that I'm not really liked around the WWX Landscape currently, with the likes of Syndicate and Xavier Pendragon all making sure that I'm not ever seated upon the throne of WWX once again, but what those men don't know about will easily become their undoing. You see Tom, I'm a man of caliber and finesse, I take things seriously when I need to, and when I don't, I'm enjoying my time well spent in my new residence in Las Vegas.

What you may not understand about me at first Tom is that I don't play well with others, nor will I let anyone cross me in such a way that deems getting destroyed by these very well capable hands.

This match we have at Ravage...

I will be the first of many to welcome you to the new and improved Aerial Specialist, Hall of Famer, and bonafide Legend that has ever graced the World Wrestling Xistence.


[KB pauses.]

...Of The Mighty Death Pop!

[KB then exits the casino awaiting his car in Valet before the scene slowly fades to black.]

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