A Desolate Place Fitting For A Vengeful One

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Fri, Jul06, 2018 2:28pm America/Phoenix
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A Desolate Place Fitting For A Vengeful One
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

Site: Raudisandur (meaning red sand beach)

Date: July 6th 1:20 p.m.

Temperature: 52 degrees 

The scene pans to Raudisandur in Reykjavik, Iceland.

(Rauūasandur beach or Red Sands beach is a beautiful red beach in a very remote area in the Westfjords of Iceland. The name is said to be derived from the reddish color of the sand, but theirs reason to believe it's also derived from settler in the area, Ńrmůūur rauūi řorbjarnarson or Ńrmůūur the Red.)

The scenic area is caught from the camera. The mounds of grass from the different hills as well as the rock and the nearby roads made of gravel come into view. Soon footsteps can be heard from out of the shot.

??? Everything will be fine. This is almost over.

A man's voice said, a familiar voice in fact.

??? Yeah, you keep saying that. I-I don't even know think anymore, Rex.

It was a woman's voice. Soon the camera pans out to show both Rex and Constance. Both were fully clothed in regular dress down attire. Rex with a black tshirt and blue jeans. Constance a white tshirt and blue jeans, both wearing white tennis shoes. Rex and Constance are walking the beach slowly side by side.

Constance: Are you scared? You know? Of losing everything in this match coming up?

Rex ponders a moment, and grins a bit as he looks at her looking back awaiting an answer. He responds, and there's a calm about him the whole time in both his demeanor and tone. 

Rex McAllister: So much has happened, and I still feel the same. I still feel the need to destroy them, to see them all fall. Syndicate, he still breeds the same confidence and passion, all things that are fueled by pride. It all eventually catches up to those that are unwilling to yield their sword, and in the end they do pay the ultimate price just to enjoy a moment of ecstasy. It's a moment of vanity. There's nothing to be afraid of. I've lost it all before, and that's what Syndicate seems to misunderstand in all of this. It took a corrupt political regime to take everything from me back when I did want this place to flourish, when I wanted the World Wrestling Championship to have meaning. They put faith in a man who never wanted what was best for everyone. A man who looked to destroy this place, and he wanted to start with it's figure head....me. 

Rex and Constance reach the rock. The begin to climb up where there was room to climb. Constance hesitated a moment as Rex continued on up a good five feet higher. Constance then begins to follow him. She then reached him. Rex was sitting on a big huge rock. Constance stood to his left. She studies him, she sees the pain in his face as he looks out, but realizes based on months on top of months of growing anger and rage that she was in no way a good place on even terms with him at this point to argue much to him. This made her feel sad and helpless.

Constance: Rex? How do suppose you'll make this all go away by hurting people? This is only hurting you most in the end, I can see it. Is there really no good left in you? Am I wasting my time? 

Rex McAllister: Do you want out? Leave me just like the others? Those that never took even an ounce of a moment to understand. What I do at Outrage, it ends this chapter no matter what happens. Take solace in that.

He looks up at her as she looks back.



Scene comes to life again, to show Rex sitting on the same rock. This time he sits alone to speak. He continues to look out at the shifting waves of the ocean of Rauūasandur.

Rex McAllister: It takes just one spark. Just one. Before your very eyes, everything youíve built from day one, Syndicate, will go up in flames, and perhaps you too will join it amongst the ashes when you canít take it anymore and throw yourself in, hoping to save even one relic, and should you survive, you will hold that relic just as dearly as you once held this Championship, because it will be your entire World. It will be all that remains of your Legacy when the rest has burned down and the ash has gone with the wind. Youíll have all the time in the World to cherish that relic - that last piece of your empire that will always exist reminding you of everything you had to everything you lost. 

Rex turns to the camera. He stares almost blankly into it.

Rex McAllister: You were once here where I stand now, and a day will come when no soul will be around to remember it but you. Time will have had its way with you, and you will look upon yourself: wrinkled, tremoring, alone, bitter. Itís not a desirable future, but itís the only one you will have after this. There comes a time when you have a decision to make, and yourís was at the horizon of many moons ago before all this....after you so impressively won the House of Horrors based on a technicality. You point your finger in my direction. But it was you that was poisoning everything in sight with your bravado, your arrogance, your greed, your lies, your deceit. You and Darkness trying to act as the judge, jury and executioner's claiming yourselves to be above all and that everything would become to be on your terms, because you said so. You could have thought better of it, had you weighed everything. Had you thought more about what you had to lose than to gain then things may be different. I hold here the Championship you were the last man to defile, and I hold here the Championship youíve possessed more than anyone else in this company in recent memory because of everything I've already named off that defined them to these parasitic leaches. And you wish to point the finger, to be the one that condemns me. Your nothing but a hypocrite, and you deserve to bathe in your own misery. You just need to fall....for good.

But I digress.

Rex McAllister: Itís not knowing that you can topple me and take this gold from my waist that brought you here, not the legacy of it. Those names, they'll soon run away and straight out of your mind like they never existed the moment you have everything back in perfect order to your every desire. Itís all a matter of pride, and isnít it always? Better men than you have come and fallen for the sake of something - in hindsight - so trivial. People all throughout the history of the World cling to things so superfluous, and more often than not, itís their undoing. More often than not, itís what leads to their enemies writing down their failure in the book of time. This Championship means everything to you, not being a World Champion that means everything to you, and thatís all it took. Thatís all the motivation you needed to look me in the eye, throw your gauntlet down, and say the words ďI will take you down. I will make you see everything for what it really is." Thatís where it all went wrong. Thatís where you struck the spark that ignited your World into flames, and though Iíve enjoyed watching the flames lick up everything you hold dear while you remain blissfully ignorant, thereís nothing that will bring me greater joy than stepping on the last ember of what remains and kicking away the ashes into the dirt.

You will then finally understand everything that you lost.

Rex McAllister: The reason I was motivated to step onto the filthy, disgusting surface at the top of this company at all once again is the fact that I sometimes take perhaps too much pleasure in my work nowadays. It feels like only yesterday that I was just a bright eyed neophyte who had everything in the palm of his hands and needed just that one spark to light up this World. I learned later from the hellacious battles with Tommy Lipton that violence wasn't just an action, but an art. I've spent the last several months bleeding and bruising and breaking my bones until I could be the one on the other end, shedding the blood, bruising the bodies, and breaking the bones. I surrounded myself with men stronger than you, faster than you, and smarter than you. A World youíve perhaps only sampled.

Rex slightly chuckles at the thought before continuing. Rex stands up, and turns and climbs upward of the rock until he's to the very top. He stands at the top using the top rock to hold his balance. He looks out as he speaks.

Rex McAllister: I in fact took to their ways so obsessively, then I had finally seen the day come, the one when you all considered Iíd gone too far, and Korath sent me to Hell at Armada for it. A Hell I created, but sent there no less I was. This here and now is a lower form of Hell of a lesser World, filled with inferior men, brandishing unimpressive weapons and calling themselves Champions when they havenít even begun to comprehend the meaning of the word. I didnít take it upon myself to come here by choice, I merely adapted. I was sent to Hell, and I embraced it. I became the Devil himself. Unfortunately, it wasnít enough, and here upon my flesh, branded into it and never going away is my proof. Once upon a time, I am a man that knows nothing. I now indulge myself in the feeling of power. I allow the high of dominance to drive me, and the pleasure I've taken in all of it has given me the greatest defeat of my life. I will not look back in anger at it. I love the taste of this defeat that still lingers in my mouth. I love the smell of the smoke coming off of the fire I started. All it took was one significant spark to send everything Iíd worked towards ablaze, and it turned to ash before my very eyes.

Rex surveys the water, the waves, the color in the sand - a darkish yellow almost.

I enjoy what I've done to each of you.

I will not allow it to stop me from leaving you both defeated men.

Itís personal between you two and I, and thereís more than a hint of pleasure that I get from it.

Rex McAllister: In the World I will remold in my image, no one will talk of the man that held a Championship six times. They will speak only of the greatest reign of them all. Youíve shrunk yourself down and enjoyed reigning over this little village. This tiny bubble that I call this company, and I do call it that. It burns you deep down to know what it is. Youíve spent your career serving this place when you could have been ruling it. There may be vengeance to be sought between you and I, and there is a hate unlike any other that boils in our blood when we look into the otherís eyes. We see everything we hate, and only one can be right. Only one will be victorious, and Iím afraid it wonít be you, Syndicate.

Rex stares up into the cloudy skies. He then looks straight into the camera again and speaks.

Rex McAllister: Your fire has started, and this little village youíve built an empire on will burn come Outrage. Korath, for you, there is nothing to take here. Youíve wasted your youth climbing up a hill and falling back down when you could have been conquering mountains. I hold this World Wrestling Championship not as the World Champion of World Wrestling Xistence, but as THE World Champion. From the West Coast of the United States of America, all everything East of it. I reign as not a World Champion, but a Champion of the World, and this repulsive company will act only as my bridge, because I will use it to cross over into every single territory known to man and shatter the walls every other has been hiding behind until they have nowhere left to go. You stand there, just the two of you, and in the end I will stand above as the only one. The ONLY one.

Rex glares coldly into the camera. So much malice that passes through his mind and body.

Find a God to believe in.

Find a someone to love.

Find something better to do with what time you have left after everything has burned away.

You donít belong here.

You donít belong in my World.

You will never be the King of this court for as long I rule.

Rex McAllister: When I leave you both at Outrage the beaten men I left you as in Chicago, you will remain the same. Youíll feel that same crushing defeat, the same agonizing humiliation, and the same boiling frustration, but I will feel nothing. I will not think of you once more. I will not wonder what goes through your mind again. Your ballad ends when the final bell rings, and you will no longer be a part of my life. You will no longer exist in my World. When I finish this, your precious company wonít be the only one that will have forgotten your names.

See you soon.

Rex glares once more, and then leaves the shot as the scene slowly fades.


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