A different proposition

Roleplay Roleplay by EUAN MILTON
On Wed, Nov22, 2017 2:52pm America/Phoenix
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A different proposition
[We open up to a long line of people standing waiting for something.  It looks like there are around 150 people in the line.  The camera moves down the line and soon we can see there there is a big desk at the front with three people behind the desk, giving things to the people waiting.  As the camera gets closer to the front, we can see that Euan Milton is one of the people behind the desk.  He notices the camera, gestures towards one of the other people behind the desk and starts walking towards the camera with what looks like a couple of loafs of bread in his hand.]

Milton: Thanks for meeting me here.  I was asked if I wanted to say a few words post-Ravage and because I'd already agreed to help out at one of the food banks in Duluth while I was here, the only way we could squeeze it in was for you guys to come and meet me.

[He breaks off from the camera and walks towards someone standing at the front of the queue.  He shakes their hand and hands them the bread he was holding.  After a brief conversation between the two, Milton walks back to the camera.]

Milton: Sorry, I just had to give that out before we got down to business.  This really is rewarding work you know, I'd recommend anyone with some free time helping out at their local food bank.  Any help we can give those less fortunate than ourselves it worth giving our time up for.

Anyway, I guess that's not why you wanted to talk to me.  I guess you want to talk about what happened at Ravage this Saturday coming and the upcoming card for the next edition of Ravage.

[He takes a sip from a bottle of water in his hand.]

Milton: Xavier - we had quite the battle.  I did expect a few nerves when I entered a wwX ring for the first time in nearly four years but when the match actually started, it felt like I had never been away.  What did feel different though was the fact that I was purely focused on what was going on in the ring and what I needed to do to beat my opponent.  I wasn't wasting time thinking about how to p!ss my opponent off or what cheap shot to try next.  I was purely focused on the match.

[He pauses and stares into the distance for a second.]

Milton: And it worked.  In my first match back, I beat the current Race For The Case Champion and a man with massive experience.  I don't think my return could have gone any better.  The challenge now is to keep this momentum going.  And what better way to do that than on the next Ravage.

It looks like "Black Mamba" is trying to test me.  He put me up against a hugely experienced competitor in Pendragon in my first match back, and in my second he's mixed things up a bit.  This time we're replacing experience with youthful enthusiasm when I take on Super Bacon....

[He gets interrupted by someone coming from the crowd and trying to start a conversation with him.]

Milton [to the person who has just walked up to him]: Sure, I won't be long.  Just give me a minute to finish this.

[He turns back towards the camera.]

Milton: So come Ravage, I'll be taking on Super Bacon.  Now I'm not going to lie, where I was confident that I knew Pendragon inside out way ahead of our match, I can't say that I'm at that level with you yet Super Bacon.  But, there is plenty of time.  Once I've finished with my community duties here, I'll be back in my office, trawling through every scrap of footage I can find on you.

What I do know though is that you're more than a worthy opponent for me.  You've proven yourself to be well worthy of your contract here.  Not only in your ability in the ring but also with the integrity with which you carry yourself.  The way in which you have conducted yourself since being in the wwX is exactly how the new Euan Milton wants to conduct himself going forward.

So, I think it's going to be another even encounter.  I just hope that like against Xavier, my prepartion helps me come out on top.

Now, if you don't mind, I need to get back to work.

[With that, he goes back to behind the desk and starts giving our food parcels to the people waiting in line.  The scene soon fades to black.]

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