A Even Better ''State of WWX''

Roleplay Roleplay by JARVIS VALENTINE
On Sun, Mar11, 2018 11:07am America/Phoenix
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A Even Better ''State of WWX''
We open to see the camera shaking at times on a long coffee table viewing a nice lush chair. We can see Husker memorabilia hanging on the walls as the camera stops shaking from being adjusted. We see a man taking a few steps out from behind the camera to the chair. We see it is Jarvis as he sets down in the chair. He leans forward and puts his elbows on his knees.

Jarvis: So, I was looking at some interviews done recently and saw Darkness and his “State of WWX”. I must say, not really impressed. Again, just like Tayna, I hear more complaining. So I figured I would do my very own, “State of WWX”. So, here we go.

Jarvis adjusts a little in the chair and takes a deep breath.

Jarvis: Let's start with the Television Division. The Television Championship that should be `around my waist. Soon enough though it will be where it belongs. Willie Steen, who currently holds the belt, is the worst champion I have ever seen. Here, you have a man that you barely hear from. A man that takes no pride in what he holds on his shoulders. 

Currently, Steen, Bacon and myself have a meeting with three other people who have yet to be named. There, inside the Elimination Chamber, I, Jarvis Valentine will become the Champ. I will hold that belt with pride. And unlike Steen, being the TV Champ, I will display it off on TV as much as I can. The fans deserve to have a fighting Television Champion.

Going back to the other three that are yet to be named. I am very interested to see who gets put in the match. Whoever it may be though, I hope they come to fight. Because to those three, and Bacon, and Steen...None of you will be leaving as champ. Just put that in your minds now. Hell, make it easy for me and just don’t show. 

Jarvis leans back and puts his foot on his knee. 

Jarvis: When I saw that I was ranked in the International division I was pleased. Knowing I was nowhere near done with Steen, I took this with a grain of salt. I figured I would hang around in the rankings and concentrate on the Television Championship. But, on Ravage, we saw Mr. Rangers come out and announce a tournament. And much to my delight, I was put in it. Not only that, but a first round bi. Now, this is where I was talking about Darkness complaining just like Tayna. Complaining he is paired with Kurtis in the first round. Also saying that should be the match in the finals. 

Darkness, wouldn’t you rather take out the hardest competitor and then deal with easy ones? I don’t see why you are bitching about that? Unless, of course, you are afraid of losing to Kurtis?

Jarvis cocks his head up to the right and puts his hand on his jaw like he is thinking before looking back at the camera.

Jarvis: I was wrong Darkness, and I apologize. You’re not bitching, you’re just scared of Kurtis and know deep down you are going to lose, and Kurtis will most likely go on to face me for the International Championship…..

“Go on to face ME for the International Championship”....Who would have thought that I would be in consideration for this championship? I mean, I have to thank Mr. Mellon for retiring, because if it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I would be in this position to become double champ, come the pay per view!

Sorry Darkness, I know you are a Legend here, but it seems like what I said. Going on now, Hex, you are great! But I’m sorry, I hope Steen beats you. I know, I know, But I want Steen!! I have already beat you Hex. Steen, I have not, and to be honest. That pisses me the [Bleep] off!

I know I already get Steen at the pay per view, but I want him one on one. That way, I can prove to everyone I can beat Steen, and I deserve to be the TV Champ. But, Hex, I think you very well could be one of the three named for the Elimination Chamber. So, there you can have not only another shot at Steen, but me as well. And I am sure you would like that.

Jarvis smiles and puts his hands on his knees before standing up and walking over to a shelf. You can only see his lower body so you can’t see what he is doing. He returns to his chair with a small glass with ice and a brown liquid in it. He takes a sip as he enjoys it and leans back puting his foot back on his knee.

Jarvis: Now, to Mr. Former GM, aka Mr. Waters, aka Mr. Tanya!

He takes another sip.

Jarvis: So let’s go one by one shall we? First. You decide you want to open your mouth and start talking on WWX Heat, and you said quote complete lack of skills un-quote. Are you kidding me sir? Lack and skills. I came up short a couple times sure. I might be the new guy in the block, sure. But I do no lack any sort of skills. This you will find out this coming up week on Ravage. And if, and I mean IF you make it to the finals. I’ll so you there as well, for what you call lack of skills…

Second. Quote Kiss ass, and laziest un-quote. I am no kiss ass Mr. Tayna. I simply call it as i see it. From the research I have seen, you had your ass kissed many times and was down right a bitch, like you are now. 

Ok cool, you won the Television Championship three times. That also means you lost it three times and have yet to get it back. You also go on to tell me to check out your awesome tag team. I did. Was I supposed to be impressed? You won the tag belts one time. Whoopie Do. 

Listen Tayna. You say you can go on to dominate in any Division. Sir, the only thing I see you dominating in is “I cry like a bitch division”. You have not yet been International Champ, let alone, World Champ! So how the hell can you say you can dominate any division?

I can’t wait to see your response Tayna! Can’t wait to hear all your whining and bitching like you always do, and hear all the excuses you have. Like I said on Heat. You talk a lot of big words...let’s see what you can do in the ring! Hope your ready.

Jarvis flips off the camera and gulps the rest of his drink down before getting up and taking the same steps he took early, disappearing from view. The camera shakes a couple times before the scene goes black.

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