A Fate Unforeseen

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Sun, Dec10, 2017 10:15pm America/Phoenix
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A Fate Unforeseen
The Scene opens up to the inside of a house that's nearly pitch black. The exception being one single room, a dining room. In the dining room you can hear noise. Cameras soon catch a glimpse of silverware forks clanging at plates, two people eating. The two people happen to be eating tossed salad. It's Rex McAllister, and the same young woman that was seen with him last week before his match on Ravage. Rex is wearing a read armani sweater with dark black jeans and white tennis shoes. The young woman, revealed before to be "The Vixen" Constance Blevins, she's a little more under-dressed than the last time we had seen her. She's wearing a black strappy halter-top with tattered light blue jeans with holes near the knee areas of the pants, along with black tennis shoes. 

The camera pans in on Rex eating. He's eating at a faster pace than Constance. She looks on, trying to gauge him. She understood that at the moment, his whole outlook on things was a bit skewed making him far more complex from what she had remembered. What she didn't understand was how, and more importantly, why. The Rex she had come to know, that Rex was absent the last time they had met up last week. She found herself very much terrified for her life the last time she was alone with him than at any time previous. Secretly she hoped he was thinking more clearly now that he had been able to successfully notch a victory in his best of five series against his former tag team partner. What she did know for sure was that she had been there for him before just as he had for her in the past, and that she would do it for him again, whatever it took. 

She notices that he's now staring at a picture on the wall, a mosaic displayed, one that she had taken with her as a keepsake from her past. In the picture there is smoke surrounding a many huts in a village, people frantically trying to escape the cruel twist that fate had in mind for them all along, suffering. His fixation with it made her curious.

Constance: So, did you want to talk about that picture? Your last match perhaps? Anything?

Rex continues his silence for a moment longer, but he's well aware of Constance's prensence at the table. She had allowed him to get away from the old routine of low discounted rates at ritzy Hotels where it would likely be too difficult in a place like Texas to keep low key. He was rather exhausted physically. He had not rested since the day before his match on Ravage this past Friday. His fixation on the piece in front of him remained as strong as it did because it reminds him of his last match, the whole best of five series. To him, the parallels are alarmingly similar, and he had absolutely no doubt whatsoever about the events that lie ahead in the coming weeks. 

Rex McAllister: You can put so much thought into something, plan, plot, and prod, trying to make sure you've put together this magical concoction that leads to success, and still end up failing in the end. Sometimes something so catastrophic can occur, something you didn't foresee, that you didn't plan for. Then suddenly, it changes everything. One minor incident or mistake followed by another, then another, and another. Before you know, you're starting from square one. All it takes is a simple miscalculation, a single distraction to end everything you had worked for in an instant.

Constance listens on intently as he continues.

Rex McAllister: Once the dam breaks, the floodgates open, and then the inevitable. One meets their fate, their cruel mistress. That's what this picture tells me.

Rex looks over at Constance, he's rather subdued, his head titled with his face resting on the knuckles of his hands that are clasped tightly together. She's still trying to gauge him as he stares back at her, saying nothing. He then goes back to staring at the piece on the wall.

Rex McAllister: That's what Friday's match told me about my old pal, Lipton. Like this painting, he met his fate, his cruel mistress he never saw coming just as they did. He's trying to rekindle the old flames of his former glory days at the top, but this is a different time. He's not the Tommy Lipton this Universe wishes he could be. Those flames that have been ignited, they're not for me. They're meant for him. He's reaching beyond his means, trying to bring back a nostalgia act from nearly a decade ago, but time dictates everything. This is my time, and when he goes down this week again, he'll know it for sure. Tommy's a dead man walking, he just doesn't realize it yet.

Rex pauses a moment, continuing to look at the piece on the wall with amusement. A small grin comes upon his face.

Rex McAllister: They say one should never give up, but sometimes giving up is the best option. Of course, they don't realize that they are wasting people's time until those same people let them know they're just not as important anymore as they once were. For somebody like Tommy Lipton, that type of realization can hurt more than any loss that I or anyone else in that locker room could give him. No, he's too proud of a man to ever consider something like that, but...I suppose that's why this series was made, a blessing in disguise we'll call it. For him, all his supporters, those die-hards, this coming week that realization will be drilled home before I ever put that final dagger through his heart at Holiday Hell. I guarantee it.

Rex looks on and into the camera for the very first time, a cold glare that's unmistakable, and then a devious grin.

Rex McAllister: Now that...was...rexcellent.

The scene begins to pan out some before finally starting to fade.


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