A Few Words Before Mayhem.

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Fri, Jun16, 2017 11:16am America/Phoenix
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A Few Words Before Mayhem.
[Tom Black is sat in his cave in his leather trousers and black jacket. He looks angry as always but he also as a mocking facial expression on his face as he stares at the camera.]

Tom Black: Justice Johnston! What a strong name for a fat man! You may be a bit confused at this statement, but it's true! Yes, Dumbo has lifted some weights, but has he proved himself in the ring as something other than a big looking man that Archer can use to intimidate his smaller opponents.

[He tuts disappointed at Jumbo.]

Tom Black: Johnston, you may have faced some relatively good  opponents, and some big opponents but have you  really faced me? No, you didn't face me last week, Archer faced me and he wasn't in the match. As I said before, this isn't a tag team match, this is a singles match, but that isn't what I'm here to talk about today. You talk and talk about the Blade Club, but have you noticed yourself? You can lift weights and you say you're stronger and tougher than me, and don't get me wrong, I don't mind most of the things you've said about me, I'm a man, I can take it, but when you talk about having aggression, that is one thing you can't say you have more than me. I have proved every night that my aggression has helped me prevail.

[He twitches his neck around and composes himself.]

Tom Black: Have you seen the things I've done, I've almost gone on a killing streak, I've slammed Willie Steen all the way from here to Timbuktu! And the only thing that can calm me is the darkness. Now let's look  at what you've done, stood in a room flexing at the camera. Mmm, impressive! What else? Oh yeah, talk about your boyfriend Blaydey. In the end it comes to this, I'm better than you, in every way.

[Suddenly Polaris walks in and nods his head.]

Tom Black: These things I talk about, I don't believe in them, I know them. A lot of people have said this to me as an insult, but I don't take it as an insult, I am just a big, angry, man! a big angry man who likes to hurt people, a big angry man who likes to fight. A big angry man, who goes onto Mayhem and lets people who I am. Justice Johnston, I am The Dark One, you are not!

[He stands up and looks directly into the camera and speaks with such precision and determine that even Polaris stops pacing and stares at Black.]

Tom Black: Justice, you think you can 'beat the piss, dog snot, and hell outta me', but just think about that and look at me for a second.

[Tom Black stands there and lets the viewers embrace this man. His frame is huge, his shoulders are like boulders. His pecs are pulsing and Tom's face is hardy and his eyes are blank. This man is huge, he is almost 7 foot tall and he's 310 lbs, you can't do anything but marvel at this monster.]

Tom Black: Have you thought yet, or have you gone to the bathroom to save your embarrassment? Either way, you've re-thought  about what you've said. I am a beast, a monster, a titan. In my opinion Johnston, you  are a Juggernaut, a strongman, a member of the Shie.. sorry, Blade Club. But are you the Dark One, are you a member of Pure Darkness, were you the number one contender to the WWX Tag Team championships? Have you proved yourself to me? No, you'll never prove your worth to me until I join the Blade Club, which is as likely as King Richard becoming World Champion!

[He starts to raise his voice up to almost shouting at the exciting thought of having Justice Johnston, all to himself.]

Tom Black: Today I'm not talking to some scrawny interviewer, or the crowd, or anyone else, I'm talking to you Dumbo, and you only. Oh I'll come and get some alright, I'm going to come get a lot. I'm going to rip you apart until all there's left is your cold, dead corpse. This Sunday, you better watch out, because II'm not going to wrestle, I'm going to fight. This Sunday, I'm going to Black Hole you all the way down to Chinatown because I can. And, I'm sorry Johnston, but it's not going to be pretty. With no Blade Club to protect you, your useless and on Sunday I will end you. Good night.

[Tom walks over to Polaris, possibly planning some new schemes as the screen fades to black.]  

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