A game of skill

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Thu, Jan25, 2018 7:02pm America/Phoenix
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A game of skill
The scene opens outside of a jazz lounge in Long Beach, California. The camera enters the bar. The atmosphere is livid. Patrons are drinking beer and listening to the live music, some are dancing. The camera follows way to a darker, emptier part of the bar. There are two pool tables, side by side, and an eight ball game about to start. Jake Devine is arranging the balls in order, and another man is readying to start. Four notes of $100 dollars lie on each side of the table. The man starts the game, the break shot scatters the balls all across the table. Jake Devine takes position, and looks at the camera.

Jake: Long Beach, one of my favorite cities in the greater Los Angeles region. Such a lovely place. I come to this bar quite often, in fact.

Jake looks back at the table, and fixes his eyes on the #14 ball. He hits the cue ball, which in turn knocks the striped ball into the pocket.

Jake: I'm stripes. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. Long Beach. My love for California is known to pretty much anyone who ever watched any of my TV shows. And I must say, this was a great choice for Ravage. Tickets sold out pretty quick once I was announced as the main event. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe people just like good wrestling here.

Jake looks at the billiards table, and sees that the cue ball has a clear path to the #10 ball. He prepares and hits his shot. The striped blue ball sinks into the corner pocket. The other man scratches the back of his head.

Jake: Speaking about main events, my oponent for this match will be Bob "The Beast" Mellon. WWX Legend, with multiple championship reigns to his name, and the current WWX International champion. I'm starting to see a pattern here. My first opponent was the Television champion, and now I find myself facing the next one in the ladder.

Jake's balls are scattered. His opponent grins at this, seeing as there is no possible way for Jake to pocket another ball. Jake remains relaxed, however. He hits the cue ball into the wall. The ball ricochets and hits another striped ball into the side pocket. The man's grin disappears instantly.

Jake: Funny thing is, I'm not actually in the International ranking, so I can't challenge you if I win like I did with Willie Steen. However, this can be a good chance to prove myself, and move up further in the pecking order. if I win, I say I must make the rankings, even if at the bottom of the ladder.

Jake looks at the table. There is no clear way he can pocket another ball. He hits the cue ball into a striped ball, which in turn hits a solid ball, sending it against a second striped ball, hitting it into the corner pocket. Jake's opponent has a look of disbelief.

Jake: This will be a tough match. Don't think I am underestimating you at all, Bob. I know just how dangerous you are. You are the International champion, and you did rack up multiple title wins in the past. But that's in the past. I'm the future. I will beat you and move on to the Crusade Cup semi finals. 

A relaxed Jake looks at the table again. With 3 striped balls left, he hits the cue ball into the #11 ball. It hits another striped ball in turn, and they move diagonally, sinking into the corner pockets.

Jake: Now, are you ready to face me though? I'm not saying Darkness is a bad challenge, but...he's a bad challenge. He's not been a good wrestler for a while now, and even with Syndicate's help he was unable to beat you. In my last match, I had to take care of both Willie Steen and Tanno Waters to move on to face you. You'll be facing a wrestler on his prime now, not some old time clown like Darkness.

Without looking at the table, Jake pockets the last striped ball. Jake's opponent takes the money from the table and makes a run for it. Jake sees it and hits the #1 ball with all of his force. It flies from the table and hits the man on the back of his head. The man drops the money on the floor and runs away.

Jake: And you better bring you all to this match. I see you're not fully focused on me on your latest videos. If you stop paying attention for a mere second when we face each other on Ravage, I will punish you hard and take the win. If you want to move on to the next stage of the Crusade Cup, give me your best. I'm a real challenge for once.

Jake hits the cue ball and places his cue stick on the edge of the table, walking away. The cue ball hits the 8 ball and sends it to the side pocket. Jake picks up the money from the floor and walks away from the bar, as the scene fades to black.

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