A Heartfelt Apology

Roleplay Roleplay by EUAN MILTON
On Fri, Jul25, 2014 2:35pm America/Phoenix
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A Heartfelt Apology
[We open up to an unfamiliar character standing in front of the camera with a microphone in hand.  He is black, has a large grey moustache, glasses and curly grey hair.  Euan Milton is standing next to him, wearing his now familiar "The Insurgence" t-shirt.]

Interviewer: Hello wwX, I'm Jerome Stockton bringing you an impromptu interview with wwX superstar Euan Milton.  To be honest, I'm not sure what the purpose of this interview but I understand Mr Milton contacted wwX management and asked for it to take place.  Euan, what's on your mind?

Milton: Well Jerome, I've been doing some thinking.  After the last time I spoke, and after Willie's latest promo, I heard that some people weren't too happy with The Insurgence's 'womanizing ways'.  That led to me to do some thinking.  It led to think about everything I've done here - everything The Insurgence has done here.

And let me tell you this Jerome, I wasn't a happy man.  Things like beating up helpless little girls like Ice Queen and Kate Cameron, or showing Johnny Knesko that money isn't everything, or breaking wwX 'legends' like Tommy Lipton or Krimzon Blaze.  It got me thinking....is this the way I want to live my life?  Is this really what I want to be remembered for?  Being an ass?

[Milton looks to the floor before looking back again and starting to speak again.]

Milton: I then started thinking even more and was horrified at my vilification of one of the wwX's favourite stars.  Needless abuse of a man who is loved and adored by wwX fans around the world.

That man is Fill.

[Milton looks down again.]

Milton: Fill - we've had a stormy relationship to say the least.  We've had a number of battles in the ring - pretty epic battles.  We've also had a pretty epic war of words.  And I have to say - I crossed the line.  In our business, low blows are considered the lowest of the low and I have to say that when I've addressed Fill in the past, I've hit him with a number of low blows.

Rather than looking at wrestling abilities I focussed on Fill the person.  I look back at the times I stood in front of this camera and called him a girl and cringe.

[Milton looks down again, this time looking like he may be about to burst into tears.]

Milton: And for that Fill, from the bottom of my heart, I'm truly......

[He looks down again and emotionally puts his fist to his mouth.]

Milton: ....I'm truly.....

[Suddenly he bursts into a fit of laughter.  'Jerome Stockton' take off his moustache, wig and glasses and reveals himself to be Willie Steen.  Steen joins Milton in his laughter and the two stand in front of the camera for a good 30-40 seconds creased over with laughter.  Milton eventually comes round and looks towards the camera again.]

Milton: Oh man, I nearly had myself going there!

Fill - you see that reaction?  That was exactly my reaction as I watched your last promo.  You talk about having only me in your mind, claiming about how *I* have to hide behind people.  Don't you realise that the only time you've got close to beating me is when you've had you special friends Rayne and Korath with you?

You're not in my league.  You're not even close.  I've beat you up so many times that I could do it in my sleep.  And when its me and you, one on one at When Stars Align its not going to be Euan Milton feeling the pressure of being all alone - its going to be my little old friend Fill.  Make sure you enjoy wearing that gold Fill because its soon going to be in the possession of someone who is truly worthy of holding it - Euan Milton.

[Milton and Steen start walking away from the camera before Milton stops and looks back the camera.]

Milton: One more thing before I go...Krimzon Blaze - you really need to up your game.  Have you done anything original in the last five years?  Let's take a look at the last time we saw you....

One - Open with some trash music.  Sugarman Shazam has done that many times and much better than you - at least he has his own material.

Two - Show a clip of past glory.  We all know you have won gold in the past.  The fact that you keep harping back to those 'glory days' shows that you know its never going to happen again.

Three - A mention of a TLC Inferno match.  You say this is the most talked about match in wwX history?  The only person I've heard talk about it is you!  Noone cares.  Like everything else with you - its in the past.

[He pauses a second.]

Milton: We've seen it all before Krimzon and quite frankly its dull.  Its the wrestling equivalent of a Fabio Capello world cup soccer team.

The sooner you realise this the better for everyone - your time is over.  It was over a long time ago.  Now is the time of The Insurgence.  And at Fury, the whole world will see just how true that is.

[With that, Steen throws his wig into the camera as both him and Milton leave the shot.  We soon fade to black.]

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