A Hellish Nightmare

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Thu, Oct26, 2017 2:59am America/Phoenix
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A Hellish Nightmare
*Scene opens in pitch black, the sounds of nature barely audible in the quiet night. The camera appears to pan back and forth when suddenly there is the sound of a breaking branch nearby. The camera quickly shifts in that direction but the lack of light shows little in the way of what is there. As the camera continues to search another sound, this time a voice, is heard from behind the camera.

"The stench of fear is all about you."

The camera quickly swings around and we can hear the cameraman fumble for the light, however when he does there is nothing there. Rustling leaves off to the right have the camera swinging over and just  barely missing a blur of motion. Soon after the camera light begins to flicker and die, causing the cameraman to panic. A slow, sinister laugh begins to fill the air.

"I am Nightmare. This is my realm, and I shall spread it to my opponents at Hall of Pain."

The voice, now familiar, belongs to Korath the Nordic Nightmare, and rightful challenger to the Undisputed Heavyweight championship held by Darkness. As he speaks, a figure begins to materialize in the night, glowing red paint outlining him in a demonic tribal design. He slowly approaches, the camera rising to meet his reddened face, his fang lined jaw moving eerily as he speaks.

"I do not know what happened last night on Fury, but my message to the little tagalong Syndicate was unable to be delivered. No matter, at Hall of Pain it shall be made as clear as crystal. I also see that there are two more….challengers to the title, Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister. I will get to you all in due time, I'm going to teach every single person who steps into the House of Horrors as my opponent a lesson in fear. When I walk out of the arena as the new Undisputed Heavyweight champion, I will leave you four quaking in sheer terror and unimaginable pain."

Korath starts pacing slowly around the camera, staying just on the outside of the frame. He makes a sound like a chuckle and turns away from the camera, the light from his body disappearing almost immediately. The camera waits for a moment waiting to see if he will turn back around when suddenly from behind we hear in a whisper.


The camera quakes as the it is nearly dropped, whirling around to find the source of the voice, but seeing nothing. Again from behind


Again the camera whirls around, and again there is nothing.

"Tommy Lipton…."


"Rex McAllister…."

The camera whirls again, this time coming face to lens with the glowing, painted visage of Korath. The glow of the paint makes his eyes appear to be as black as the night around them as he peers into the camera.

"As I said earlier, I plan to get each of you in turn but for now I will begin with the soon to be ex champion, Darkness. I know we have faced each other before, and I know that you had to rely on outside help to win that match. It will not happen this time, for I will make sure that you are the first target of the boiling rage that allows me to withstand and survive even the most extreme of damage or condition. You hold the belt that will be mine, if you wish to wake from the nightmare that you will certainly fall into, you will surrender the belt to me and retire. If you do not, you will suffer the never ending terror and wrath of the Red Wolf."

Korath ducks out of frame and disappears again. We can again see the frantic movements of the camera as the cameraman instinctively whips around behind himself.

"Where are you looking?"

The camera jumps so hard that it falls to the ground, angled just right to see the glowing form of Korath approach. As he gets closer he drops down to all fours, coming to a stop in a prowling stance. He reaches over and picks up the camera, bringing it to his fang covered mouth as all light fades to nothing and the Nordic Nightmare logo appears.

"A Hellish nightmare awaits you all…."

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