A Holiday Gift From The Rex Master

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Sun, Dec24, 2017 9:11am America/Phoenix
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A Holiday Gift From The Rex Master
The scene starts out on the shoreline on Padre Island in Corpus Christi, Texas. It's evening time on Christmas Eve. The  nightlife is already alive, and many people are shown mingling, talking amongst themselves. The sights are true signs of peace and tranquility. But on the  beach cameras catch up with sounds of horse hooves imprinting their tracks into the sand of the shoreline. Laughing can be heard by two people that are now shown from behind sitting upon their horses, a man and a woman. Though it becomes quite clear from a broads-eye view at the bleach blonde hair that cameras have caught up with Rex McAllister, and the woman who looks back ever so slightly to catch a glimpse of the camera people trailing behind. It's Constance, who has been seen with Rex more often lately. She begins looking back frontward again.

Rex McAllister: I can see they've caught up to me again. Never fails.

Rex chuckles to himself, Constance looks on. She shares a small chuckle with him.

Cameras now move at a quicker pace to get to catch them from the front on the left where Rex is at. Rex immediately looks down from atop of his horse. Rex smirks a bit.

Rex McAllister: I know what you're thinking. I what you're all thinking. 

Rex grins as he gives off another chuckle.

Rex McAllister: You look at all this...

Rex gestures at the nightlife, the setting itself.

Rex McAllister: ...you think to yourself. Well, hey, weren't you just tangling in a WWX ring with Tommy Lipton? This following a submission match...albeit one scripted horribly wrong.

Rex laughs at the thought.

Rex McAllister: This after doing so many dark and dastardly things, saying things regarded as being cruel,  and seeming rather irrepressible beyond comprehension. So you must be wondering, how I can from all that to this. Am I right?

Rex looks on then downward, a hint of a smile comes over him.

Rex McAllister: The simple answer is, I'm The Rex Master, one of the most calculating, cerebral, and unpredictable competitors whose presence you will all of World Wrestling Xistence will ever have the pleasure of being graced with.

Rex laughs again, as he looks toward Constance whose still riding along side him. She's just smiling as she looks ahead, while Rex looks back toward the cameras.

Rex McAllister: Besides, it really doesn't matter what I do here and now, does it? I could be on top of a damn skyscraper, or in some shithole sewer, and it really wouldn't |BLEEP|ing matter, because the things that I would do once I step into a WWX ring wouldn't change. If I wanna wrestle you down into the mat, and run circles around you, flat out embarrass you? You can damn well bet I'm going to do it, regardless of what the opposition brings to the table.

Rex looks out again at the nightlife of Padre Island. Constance says something not quite captured by the camera as she is pointing. Rex looks to what she is pointing at and has a nice chuckle. Rex then looks down toward the camera again, and shrugs.

Rex McAllister: Basically, I do whatever the |BLEEP| I want, when I want...

Rex gestures to the nightlife.

Rex McAllister: ...where I want...

Rex then looks to Constance who looks at him, and then briefly at the camera before looking ahead again.

Rex McAllister: ...with who I want.

There's a pause as the horses continue moving along at a slow pace. Rex appears to be pondering at the moment. Rex then stares long and hard at the camera before speaking.

Rex McAllister: Now contrary to what popular belief might be, The Rex Master does in fact have great interest in a match such as this. Matches of any magnitude always generate some interest even if all the names involved don't.

Rex ponders some more before continuing.

Rex McAllister: There's only one name in this whole match that stands out, just one, and he knows very much of what I'm capable of now, what I won't stop at doing until I have what it is that I want most. It's not whether you will suffer, Tommy, but how much you do. I am, and will be the face of the vanquisher that you can't kill. You've yet to see the darkest days that are ahead for you, and when they come I want to be the sole reason for every bit of it, because I'm selfish that way. When this is over, I want you to know that you never had a chance.

Rex stares devilishly into the camera. Rex then gestures toward the nightlife of Padre Island as he speaks.

Rex McAllister: All this? This is the way I want all of you. Blissful, excited, happy, and....unsuspecting. Not a care in the world of the bad things that could happen, they aren't thinking about what fate has in store for them, the twists even during the holiday season. Understanding that, whether you do or you don't isn't an expectation of mine.

Rex smirks

Rex McAllister: But it's something you should look forward to. A future that looms large for each and everyone of you. Me? You can think of me as the unnamed package that can hold absolutely anything inside waiting to be unwrapped.

Rex chuckles

Rex McAllister: I guarantee it. Now that ...was...rexcellent.

Rex looks ahead as the scene fades.


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