A Humbling Reminder

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Wed, May24, 2017 9:35pm America/Phoenix
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A Humbling Reminder
The scene pans to the locker room of Rex McAllister, who is dressed in full ring attire. He is currently shown sitting on a sofa, but then he rises. He walks up closer toward the camera to begin speaking.

Rex McAllister: How unfortunate.

Rex whistles to imitate an inanimate object falling from high above just like the kind you would witness as a kid on one of those Looney Tunes type shows. Rex then imitates the inanimate object hitting the ground with a “POOF”! Rex chuckles a bit.

Rex McAllister: I often say those very words nowadays when my opponents commit folly after folly as they speak aimlessly, leaving no doubts in my mind whatsoever that they truly are more ignorant than they are given credit for. Though you really can't give credit to ignorance when the source of that very ignorance had nothing of substance to make up for how blind it was to begin with. Ignorance is bliss as they tend to say.

Rex stares straight ahead, a hint of a smile can be made out.

Rex McAllister: Syndicate, I got to say, you really do know how wind yourself up real good into a web of make believe, don't you? I mean, your last video feed perfectly dipicted just who you really are through and through. You've painted so many pictures of yourself in the past, ingrained images in people's heads, deceiving onlooker’s perception as to what Sydney Maxwell Irvine was thought to be. You claimed yourself to be “The Constant”. “The Measuring Stick”. “Mr. Consistent”. “The Wrestling God”. 

Rex pauses, shakes his head rolling his eyes, but with a feeling of dismay

Rex McAllister: All these names you have used to fabricate who you really truly are time and again, and yet, you have now only further supported my opinion of why you are this falsehood idol that will never really measure up to what real a champion actually should be. Oh, don't get me wrong, you are resilient, you have persevered plenty, and it's like you admitted? You're a survivor, right? You haven't been evolving, or fighting in the name of principles, and the values that are supposed to give you an actual purpose beyond what you do in that ring. The static that was displayed from your video, it defines your stagnant career perfectly. You don't have time to think about those types of things, and now it makes sense why you never seem to evolve beyond the single-minded approach that defines the static in your career at this moment and time.

Rex nods his head reassuringly

Rex McAllister: Oh yeah, your career right now is almost nothing but static. For someone like you, Syndicate, success can locate and visit you wherever you are in your career, as your time line here will show. But it's been YOU that has constructed the roads. Even now! But you see now? Now there is no roadblocks placed before you, not any that provide you with the challenge you need. Static in your case is stagnation. It defines you in every way right now, from every senseless word you utter that makes you smaller and smaller with each one that gets easily devoured just like your realm of fabrication can by the harsh reality of facts, to the gold you tote around that's losing prestige all the time When you stand pat on the path you are on without moving forward, you are just letting everyone else catch up to you, just like I did in my rookie year all in a matter of mere months! 

Rex smirks, and chuckles for a second, and then pauses for another second to regroup himself.

Rex McAllister: As for the your questions about what helpings are offered in our division, let me help you with this, because it isn't what our division has to offer, it's what we have to offer it. What we offer is instant credibility, and legitimacy, and influence which allows others to regularly come in and step up to the plate. You know the teams, you named some which supports my argument about what we offer in the tag team scene. We are taking care of business on our end of the spectrum. The same can't be said over in the world division, now can it? You offer credibility, and legitimacy, sure, but not influence. Nobody cares about what you're doing right now at the top, because it was the same thing you were back in the summer of 2015, back when I arrived. Even then...even with four world title reigns, you don't get the respect because nobody...not a single soul believes you deserve it, and you've done nothing in any of those short reigns to prove otherwise. None of those four reigns of yours can make up the one single reign I had last year in length. For nearly seven months I was turning all these little promise makers into transient liars, yourself included, standing proudly at the top as the undisputed face of this company. I took a belt that another falsehood idol in Brent Eades shit on, and I carried it to levels farther, and held it lot longer than anyone ever expected, bringing more prestige to it than anyone in recent memory, and truly making it a belt more than worth fighting for.

Rex smiles as he looks proudly to the side reminiscing, and then back straight ahead.

Rex McAllister: When my reign ended, I was disappointed. But even then, there was still so much more be proud of than disappointed. When I do decide to challenge for that thirty pounds worth of gold you drape over your shoulders, and wear around your waist? You had better believe your days at the top will be numbered, and on I'll remind you of why in that ring tonight. Your defense is weak champ! It's more penetratable than a cheap |BLEEP| who opens her legs for free. Your words offer but a fraction of significance to me. The walls to your Empire are about to be broken down, and the Lipton - McAllister tandem will make a statement at your expense by knocking you off the throne you sit on, and lending you but a subtle reminder of the reality that awaits you in the not so far away future.

Rex stares deadpanned now

Rex McAllister: Twenty-fifteen is over, Syndicate. The underdog story ran it's course a long time ago after you won your first world title, but as I've said, since then you've hardly evolved at all, and soon it will catch up to you. You've become the author of your very own misfortunes in that respect. Your only purpose lies in the gold you wear, take it away and you lose that purpose, everything that defines you.

Rex McAllister: You have heart? Great. So do we, me and Lipton. We have heart, confidence, passion, sheer iron wills, and a killer instinct. We know how to play the game. Our time of service along with our current statuses in this company as two of the very best that this place has to offer. We don't just survive, but we also thrive. Your follies will become our fortune. On Ravage the Lipton - McAllister tandem will take care of this little piece of business we were called upon to do, and then we shall get back to more pressing matters, ones that are actually worth our time. Believe in that! Now that was...Rexcellent!

Rex is shown with a serious expression this time, as he turns with his tag title belt firmly locked around his waist. He begins to leave out of his locker room as the scene slowly fades.


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