A Legend???

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Sat, Feb25, 2017 6:10pm America/Phoenix
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A Legend???
~It's a somber day in the wwX universe. Just a few days post Aftershock. The wwX has a new world champion and a new General Manager. Will the wwX begin a resurgence or will it fall in the hands of the new General Manager.~

(The camera comes to life inside the Staples Center. The ring has already been set up and the wwX crew is working franticly to get the rest of the stage and lights set up. The camera scans the seats answer comes across Darkness sitting high up in the nose bleed seats alone. The camera crew makes their way up the long set of stairs to where Darkness is sitting.)

Darkness: Aftershock, something surprising happened. The snake himself let his guard down and allowed someone to take his power and his control over everyone. Ranger, you may not be in control anymore but that still doesn't change a thing between us. It was you that kept me from my main goal and that is the Hall of Fame, which brings me to one of my opponents for Ravage.

(Darkness looks up at the catwalk and the crew working hard to get the lights hooked up.)

Darkness:  Syndicate, you're calling me a legend. I'm touched but I haven't quite reached that status yet. Have you not bothered to look at the Hall of Fame. My name isn't there so I do not proclaim myself to be a legend yet.

(Darkness smirks a little while letting a small chuckle out.)

Darkness: Fear is what you make out of Syndicate. Right now you say you don't fear me but I see it differently than you do. I see the fear deep down inside you. You keep saying you know what I'm capable of. That is fear Syndicate. That is the fear that you know what I can possibly do to you on any given day. What you have to ask yourself come Ravage will it be that given day that your fear catches up to you. 

(Darkness stands up and begins to walk down the steps towards the ring.)

Darkness: Then there is respect Syndicate. Do you know why you have respect for me Syndicate. It's because over the years I've earned it. I've earned the respect for most of the superstars in the wwX. Respect is earned and in my book you have a little ways to go, but you might get close on Ravage.

(Darkness stops at the ring and climbs in.)

Darkness: And as far as you being the best in the business right now is the only truth you have told so far. Syndicate you've been the best over the past three years because I haven't been here and the competition has been, how can I put this, mediocre.

(Darkness climps out of the ring and heads up the ramp with the camera following behind him. Darkness stops and turns his head looking at the camera.)

Darkness: As for you Steen, I guess you will just have to Fill in where needed.

(The camera fades to black as Darkness heads backstage.)

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