A Lesson learned well (repost)

Roleplay Roleplay by KAILEE
On Thu, Nov02, 2017 11:34pm America/Phoenix
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A Lesson learned well (repost)
The Camera comes to life outside a Halloween house party, inside the music is pounding and the Cameraman spots who he is looking for. Kailee is sitting on the step dressed as a school Ghoul next to a man dressed up as Frankenstein with a beer in her hand and laughing at something being said. she spots the cameraman and nods turning her attention back to Frankenstein.

Kailee: Hey Peter, I got to go for a few, can you go get me another beer and then I will give you that dance I promise you. 

Peter: Sure Kai, Come and find me when you are done taken care of business.

[She watched him leave, her smile falls from her face as she turns to the cameraman, a annoyed look on her face.]

Kailee: So Emily Hash the feck whatever, you think you can beat me? No chance, you prissy little |BLEEP|ing airhead, I have gone head to head with some of the top women in this company. those women taught me a lot of lesson, painful ones, but one I have |BLEEP|ing learn well.

[The young women turns slightly takes a deep breath and then then turns back to the Camera a smirk on her face.]

Kailee: So Miss Hashtag, you will bring your A game because I will be bringing a whole knew meaning of Pain at House of Pain, and you will have learn something that I had to learn the hard way, You don't make write checks your body can't handle.

She drains the beer and smirks at the Camera

Kailee: Happy Halloween Bitcn, see you in the ring

[Camera fades to the WWX logo as Kailee strolls back to the house]

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