A Little Care Package

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Sat, Feb03, 2018 12:24am America/Phoenix
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A Little Care Package
Hex Girl is standing over a box sitting on a table whistling a happy little tune as she packs things into the box. She slowly looks up acknowleging the camera. She speaks with a sickeningly sweet and chipper voice that is so fake it just puts the listener on edge.

Hex Girl: Hello dear friends. Ya know I'm just putting together a little care package for Bob Mellon to help him with his recovery. Seeing as how he's gonna need all the help and inspiration he can get to be on top of his game for Aftershock it's the least I can do. Especially since all those stitches were a present from yours truly.

She picks up a long rolled tube of paper.

Hex Girl: A little something from the WWX merch store. A poster I've autographed. That way he can have a visual focus. Wasn't that nice of me? 

Next thing she places in the box is a small bouquet of puffy looking flowers. 

Hex Girl: Chrysanthymums to encourage a speedy recovery. Modern medicine is great but a little New Age encouragement never hurt anything. I know he's currently dealing with the sudden pain and dizzy spells that come with a severe concussion. I'll let you in on a little secret Bobby. Its like being drunk you get used to it. Hell I've been concussed so often I don't even notice the dizzy spells anymore.

She then picks up a small plastic tub and put it in the box. 

Hex Girl: I know he's on a strict diet but nothing makes ya feel better like a homemade chocolate chip cookie and Miss Nettie's bakery has the best in the county. So I figure a dozen of these soft baked little wonders outta perk up his spirits. 

She then pick up a strange looking box and puts it in the box. She then winks at the camera and puts a finger up to her lips in a shushing gesture.

Hex Girl: A secret surprise. Its going to be so sweet to see the look on his face when he sees this.

She giggles almost maniacally as she finishes packing the box and getting it ready to go out for delivery. She picks the box up off of the table and walks to the door. 

Hex Girl: *Singing* Mix it up here in my little bowl, Say a few words and you'll lose control.

The camera fades out to Hex Girl's logo.
Then fades to WWX logo before cutting to black

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