A meeting with Korean Dragon

Roleplay Roleplay by EMILY WATERS
On Tue, May22, 2012 4:14am America/Phoenix
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A meeting with Korean Dragon
[We see Emily Waters, walking on the street. She's still wearing the same clothes as in her previous promo. Emily enters a bar, and sits down]

Emily: One red wine, now.

[Someone lays a hand on Emily's shoulder]

???: Emily.

[Emily is scared and looks around, into the eyes of Korean Dragon]

Emily: What do you want?

KD: Emily, this isn't you.

[Emily swats KD's arm away]

Emily: GET AWAY!

KD: Easy, Emily. All I want is an explanation.

Emily: You want one? Well, let's see what YOU would do when YOUR WIFE DIES IN A FRIGGIN' SUICIDE ATTEMPT!


Emily: I don't want to have ANYTHING to do with you, or Krystal, or Azrael Khaine, or ANYONE else related in some way to Tanno. IS THAT CLEAR? Now GET OUT!

[Emily grabs her sword]

KD: Alright, Emily, I'm already leaving. But this is just dispicable.

[KD leaves, as Emily gets to her wine, while everyone in the café looks at her in shock]


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