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Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Fri, Dec29, 2017 9:53pm America/Phoenix
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The scene opens with Tommy Lipton standing in a ring at a local Xcess arena. The crowds buzzing to hear from one of their favorite WWX Superstars of all time. 


Tommy: So it will be historic... A first time ever... never going to happen again... one night... and it will be on RAVAGE! 


Tommy: What do Syndicate, Darkness and Rex McAllister all have in common? 
 They all were at one time or another my team mate... Sure, I may have inflitrated Syndicate and his Big Time Agency so some may find the Agency doesnt count... But there were a few times we were on the same page. Syndicate and I have not every really seen eye to eye and this week it won't be any different. He thinks he's the man, the one and only... But I disagree with that, he is tough and I know that from personal experience, but eventually I will put him down and this week will be a week that does not favor the World Champ. 


Tommy: And without any debate we have Darkness... 


Tommy: A man I have run two stables with and have teamed side by side with on many occasions. He is not the monster he thinks he is however. He is going to realize that his place is not at the top as much as he wants to be there. He thinks he will help aid his team this week to victory but he will fail as he always does whenever he faces me. And then there's Rex McAllister....


Tommy: Rex McAllister and I have had one hell of a year as a team and so far one heck of a feud in this series but as all things, good things must come to an end... but before we face off at Holiday Hell in the best of series I will encounter him this weekend when he teams with Darkness and Syndicate to face me and my team. 

Tommy: I team with two men I have never teamed with before. First we have Kurtis Ray, a man who I first encountered at Hall of Pain where I left him drowning in the House of Horrors match. I know he is a tough competitor and I also know he is very familiar with Syndicate and his in ring style. Kurtis will prove to be a great team mate I suspect. 

Tommy: And then we have Rayne, I do not know much of the man but one thing I do know is that he sure loves to stir the pot and he has no love for our opponents this weekend. I expect he will do some good damage and prove his worth.

Tommy stands tall center of the ring as he looks out at the fans in the stands. 

Tommy: As always we will put on one hell of a fight for us and for all of You! 


Tommy: To Syndicate, Darkness and Rex... We Are Coming! 

Tommy drops the Mic and exits the ring as his music hits. 

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