A moment in the church

Roleplay Roleplay by EMILY WATERS
On Thu, May24, 2012 8:26am America/Phoenix
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A moment in the church
[We see Emily, polishing her sword in an empty Saint John Cathedral, Cleveland. The dim light reveals that it's night. Emily is wearing a dress, but its colour is unclear due to the lack of light]

Emily: My sword... Juuchi Yosamu... You did well in the battle. Azrael doesn't stand a chance anymore.

[Suddenly, a note comes out of the organ, making Emily flinch. The sound keeps going for about a minute]

Emily: It seems the wind has come inside... It will not stand a chance against my sword.

[A door slams shut]


[Another door cracks open. Emily looks around in shock, and it turns out it's the front door that opened]


[A raven calls]

Emily: ...A raven?

[Suddenly, a raven flies into the church, and goes to sit at Emily's side]

Emily: Well well well... Hello there.

[The front doors slam open, but the raven remains motionless while Emily flinches]

Emily: It's just the wind...

[Suddenly, the raven beside Emily calls. Wings flapping can be heard outside, coming closer. Numerous raven calls are heard, coming closer as well. Within a few seconds, the  church is flooded with ravens]

Emily: [screams]


[A priest is standing in the doorway. The ravens instantly sit down and are silent]

Priest: Young lady, how dare you bring a weapon into God's house? And how dare you disturb His creatures, the ravens?

Emily: Erm... It was... Erm... I gotta go.

[Emily grabs her sword, and runs off]

Priest: ...


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