A New Champiom

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Thu, Mar15, 2018 8:39pm America/Phoenix
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A New Champiom
Tommy Lipton stands at a Podium outside the McCarthy Athletic Center. He is wearing a black suit and his freshly polished dress shoes glisten under the sun this afternoon. The Undisputed Championship rests on his shoulder. 

Tommy: What's up? 

Tommy! Tommy! Tommy! Tommy! 

Tommy: i thought after you all had to see that speech from Xavier Pendragon earlier that we simply couldn't leave it off like that! So here you go, the words from your Champ, the One and Only!!! 


Tommy: As much as Xavier hates that phrase, that is Tommy freaking Lipton, a man who's done it all a man who's done it all for not just himself BUT for all of you! 


Tommy: I know we haven't always had the same view points and often in the past we have disagreed on how I have gone about things BUT that was then and this time around I think it's safe to say we both agree that Xavier Pendragon just SUCKS!!!! And he thinks you guys all have his back... But not this time... Not this time Xavier. 
It has been a fun couple of weeks as your peoples champion, I have felt proud representing you while traveling to some cool parts of the world... and guys it's only begun. I have some amazing places I plan to still head to. However... tonight I am back in America and I have invited all of you fans to join me on this evening while I drop the truth bomb onto Xavier Pendragon! 

Tommy adjusts the title on his shoulder. 

Tommy: Well, Well... Should we really be surprised that Xavier Pendragon comes out with talking the same repetative shit he did last week, the week before and the week before that!? 
Not too long ago he was flapping his gums about Rex and I whining to James Ranger for a title shot but no whining was done... We both were the spotlight of WWX for quiet sometime and we earned the shot and I deserved this... Xavier, you just hate the fact that you don't have this and you won't have this anytime soon! 
You had your moment but you need to face the truth, you lost that moment to me. 

Tommy looks around at the crowd in front of him.

Tommy: I have said it before but again I will have to repeat myself... It is not that I underestimate you Xavier... It is the fact that I cannot allow a man like you to represent these fans of ours, to stand as the head of this company! It has only begun for me but on Ravage, it ends for you!

Tommy holds the title high

Tommy: I Am Coming!!!



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