A New Chapter

Roleplay Roleplay by MATT GLAZEBROOK
On Sat, Jan10, 2015 12:00pm America/Phoenix
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A New Chapter

(Scene opens in the living room of the 420 residence.  It is a large, open space with a bay window on one side and mostly empty bookshelves built into the walls on the other.  A large flat screen television is mounted on the side wall with 2 large cornered sectional leather couches set up to have a nice view of Sportscenter.  Glazebrook is standing in the middle of the living room, wearing a pair of khaki pants, a black Pantera shirt and a pair of dark sunglasses.)

Glazebrook – Whaddup, Cameraman?

Cameraman – Hey, man… how’s life?

Glazebrook – Ob la di, ob la da… it goes on, ya know?

Cameraman – I hear ya.  So, how is Gary doing?

Glazebrook – He’s ok.  I talked to him a couple days ago.  I think his head is in the right place and he’s ready to go through this.

Cameraman – Good… good to hear.

Glazebrook – Yeah, so… this is it.  The beginning of a new beginning, or something.  Well, not really the beginning.  I have been in the ring one on one before and had no problem proving my skills.  I’ve held a few belts over the years, in fact, and one of them said WWX on it, if I remember correctly.

Cameraman – Yeah, but it is a new journey.

Glazebrook – The fact that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s only one belt instead of two is the only difference, my friend.  I’m still training.  I’m still watching tape, however hard it is to find on certain people.  I’m still going to get in that ring and give the fans what they want to see.  They got me getting in the ring with this guy… uh… Dud.  I gotta dig deep to find any tape on this guy.  But I got ways.  I got peeps that can make things happen.  

So, I got you, Dud, dude.  I know what you’re all about.  More importantly, I know what you’re not all about… and that’s coming out of that ring in Cheyanne, Wyoming with a victory over this athletic specimen that you see before you.  You’re not about pinning these massive shoulders to the mat for 3 seconds and you’re sure as hell not about making me tap out.  You’re also not about getting out of this curb stomping.  You’re not about getting shown what time it is.  You’re not about avoiding first-hand knowledge of what happens when you step in the ring with 420… or half of them in a one on one setting…  You get treated like a roach, and smoked!!!

(Camera pans past Glazebrook and zooms in on the TV, still showing Sportscenter, before fading to black.)

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