A proper challenge

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Sun, Feb25, 2018 12:31am America/Phoenix
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A proper challenge
*Scene opens at a natural hotsprings near where Korath is building his home. The big man himself can be seen  soaking in one of the larger pools, a bottle and glass near him. His head is reclined against the stone and he doesn't seem to notice the approach of the cameras. 

"Any closer and this will need an age rating."

The camera stops as Korath looks up, raising an arm in greeting. A half drunken smile appears on his face as though he were remembering something funny. He turns to pour himself a drink but finds that the bottle is empty and sets it back down with a shrug.

"Jarvis you have surprised me, many who coming off of a string of bad luck when finding out they have to face me have cut and run. I get left with no opponent and the fans are left without a show. You Mr. Valentine have proven to be of a stronger stuff and I salute you. I would offer up a toast in your honor but I seem to be out of mead at the moment. Do you know how rare it is Jarvis for someone like you to come along, someone who even though he failed to do what he needed to is still willing to go up against an adversary of my stature and give his all to defeat him and regain his honor? If it weren't for people like that I would have never came back to the WWX when I got bored last time. That is not all that you have done that surprises me, I honestly laughed when I received this."

Korath rubs his hands dry on a towel behind him and picks up an envelope.Opening it he reads through it again, his smile growing broader all the while.

"Do you have any idea how long its been since I've received a challenge letter? Never in all my time in the WWX has an opponent been so formal. The confidence, the drive, why I believe you might have put a bit of your soul in these words. That is what I like to see in my opponents Jarvis, but just saying it is one thing. You need to show me that you have what it takes to overcome my ferocity and regain your momentum. You need to prove that you are a better tactician than my last opponent, he tried to do and use everything at his disposal and he was utterly shut down by me. I have more than enough drive to overcome you and everyone else who stands in my way, now show me if you have the drive to weather the storm I am bringing to you at Ravage."

Korath folds the letter and replaces it in the envelope, returning it to its place next to his other items. His smile has faded but is still present.

"Jarvis Valentine you have shown me naught but a man that is too caught up in other dealing to focus on his coming match up, to focus on redeeming himself in the ring and move on to greater accomplishments. Find time to relax, to train, and when you finally come face to face with The Nordic Nightmare, find the time to either give me a good fight or overcome me. As of right now all I see in you is just another victim to toss aside and continue my conquest, however I have been wrong before. Show me Jarvis, or be devoured."

*Korath gives a look that would destroy a weak mind, then laughs a moment before settling back into a comfortable position against the side of the pool. The scene fades to black followed by the Nordic Nightmare logo.

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