A Reunion.

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Mon, Aug07, 2017 7:40pm America/Phoenix
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A Reunion.
[The scene opens up inside the confines of an office, several chairs are placed around a wooden table, amongst those present and accounted for is the current Number 1 contender for the WWX Undisputed World Championship, “The Aerial Specialist” Krimzon Blaze.]

KB: Gentlemen... If you would be so kind as to take a seat.

[You hear groaning from off screen as several thuds are heard as the camera pans around to see familiar faces – Mad Bronco, Lost Soul, Evil sPeD Eastin, BiPolar Stu Dolar, Crazy Horse, Reverend Slim, Black Angel, El Loco, and WMD or better known to the whole WWX as Alliance of Defiance.]

KB: I've gathered you all here..

Eastin: Stop right there.

Slim & Angel: What he said.

[KB pauses.]

Eastin: Why should I listen to you? I was perfectly fine enjoying my retirement with women and booze until you called, so what exactly gives?

Slim: Have you finally found the light Blaze?

KB: No I-

Angel: Hast thou seen thy holy master at work?

KB: No Angel I--

Eastin: Um.... Yeah I don't know where to go from that point of view.

Dolar: I haven't headbutted someone in so long.....

[Dolar whips right around and slugs Eastin with a headbutt.]


Dolar: You were closest.

Eastin: Still... Why couldn't it have been Blaze?

Dolar: I don't see you back in WWX...

Eastin: Touche.

Angel: Why summon us if you haven't found the Lord and Savior?

KB: Well, I was just about to say WHY I gathered you all here...

I'm back in WWX, and I'm the current Number 1 Contender to the World Championship, and this week at Fury, I face the Champ in a non-title match one on one.

Eastin: That's all fine and dandy Kyle, but you didn't answer my question... WHY the hell are we here?

[Everyone else nods.]

KB: The reason I asked you all here is because I need to know how to defeat Syndicate and regain the WWX World Championship for the 5th consecutive time.

Eastin: You already know what I'm gonna say.. light him on fire or something, I don't know.

Bronco: I think you need another opinion man... Mine is basically keep your distance with Syndicate since he seems so high on himself that he thinks he's untouchable.

Horse: I agree with Mad.

Don't let him psyche you out, that's where you lose time and time again.

Dolar: Mind if I chime in?

KB: Please, by all means Stu.

Dolar: Think outside the box of your usual moves.

Hell, that's what you did when you beat this guy.

[Dolar Pointing at Soul]

[Soul gives a slight nod, barely noticeable.]

Soul: You gave me the match of my life at Hall of Pain 10, Blaze.

In the end of it though, you were the one to finally unseat me in being undefeated at Hall of Pain and that match was surely one of the best you've ever had.

All the while you incorporated moves that were out of your physical realm.

KB: Your words have always been something near and dear to me Soul, I appreciate that.

Eastin: Oh stop with the lovey dovey shit.

Loco: Yeah! If you wanna be World Champ again esse, you need to take him head on!

WMD: [grunts a yes under his breath.]

KB: WMD heh.. always with the little grunts to get his point across.

Dolar: To be Champ again Blaze, you need to think like a champion should – Be decisive, be aggressive, be what you believe you can be.

KB: Syndicate is no slouch though – Ever since I came back, he's run roughshod over everyone in WWX, including me, even though I wasn't the one who got pinned.

Eastin: Not being pinned is the least of your worries, its THIS match you should be worried about – One little slip up and your back of the line once again.

KB: Yeah, I don't want that again.

Bronco: What does it mean to be World Champion to you Blaze?

KB: It means everything. 

But it's not always about those things to me...

It means that I'm willing to be the top dog of the WWX, and I need to be at the top of my game every single time I step into that ring whether its on Mayhem, Fury, or any other Pay Per View, I need to be the very best like no one ever was...

Eastin: I swear to god if you start singing Pokemon....

KB: I'll admit I thought about it, but this isn't the time nor the place to joke around.

I'm serious y'all, I want the title again for the 5th time, and I want to be the one to put Syndicate down once and for all.

Soul: We all believe you can Kyle. 

We brought you into the AoD when you felt you were getting screwed left right and center, and when we did, we saw the growth in you to change the WWX upside down.

All: Yes!

KB: The Alliance was something that struck fear in the heart of the WWX...

I will not let any one of you down.

Eastin: You do, I'm calling you Buffalo Bill again for eternity.

KB: Not like you already do...

[Eastin just laughs.]

Eastin: Go get 'em Blaze, we all believe you can do it.

All: And you know what Syndicate... YOU'LL H--


KB along with everyone else: YOU'LL HAVE THAT!!!

[KB smiles from ear to ear, as he looks into the camera.]

KB: You see Syndicate, I don't need a fancy press conference to know just where it is I stand amongst my peers of former Legends and soon to be Hall of Famers...

This match we have at Fury is only just the beginning of the end of your World Championship reign, because when we face off again, for that very championship, I will be the one getting my hand raised for the 5th time and being announced as WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion!

[KB and the rest of the AoD exit their seats as the camera slowly fades to black.]

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