A Rookie Mistake

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Sat, Jul14, 2018 3:43am America/Phoenix
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A Rookie Mistake
???: So Blade Rickman, it seems that you did some sort of study on my past acomplishments, but much like everyone else, you are assuming that you're automatically gonna win your debut match against me and you consider me to be a problem? You presume too much rookie.

The camera pans out full view to reveal Xavier Pendragon during his usual training regiment.

XAVIER: By the way, if you're gonna sound off my career highlights, make sure you get it all right but that's beside the point. You talk about dropiing Syndicate like a bad habit. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that not only are boasting about catching Syndicate off-guard, but you think that, no...you're assuminog that since you managed to beat one former World Champ that you'll be able to beat me as well. Let's take a look at what you have said about me thus far-  "I'm not going to make it quick... I am going to swallow you whole and make you feel the pain before I conquer you and pin you for the one... two.... three.... You are a problem, I am the Solution... and in the words of one of the greatest of all time and a hell of a great mentor... I Am Coming!", but let's not stop there. You also said that you dropped Syndicate like the "garbage" that he is. Now whether you had help in taking down Syndicate or not is irrelavent because of the simple fact you already assumed too much about me. You think that just because I'm a seasoned veteran and Hall of Fame contender that I'm going to "take you to school" as you so politely put it. Again Blade, you are mostly misinformed, but since you seem to be having a hard time trying to figure me out and since you already introduced yourself, let me tell you who the hell I am. 

Xavier closes his eyes for a moment before he reopens them. 

XAVIER: I am "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon- former Undisputed World Champion, 5-time International AND tag team champ and former TV Champ to boot and one of the very select few who were fortunate enough to hold every single major title in this company when it was active. I don't take rookies to school. I put on clinics, displaying the talent I possess. On Ravage, you and I will step in that ring for a no DQ match. You know what that means right? I hope so because if not, you will it rather difficult to even to pin me for even a 1-count, much less a 3 count. You already assumed that you're gonna "swallow me whole and prolong my suffering before you pin me for 3". That Blade Rickman was a rookie mistake. You will find out why at Ravage.

Xavier turns away from the camera as the scene fades away

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