A rootin, tootin good time

Roleplay Roleplay by MATT GLAZEBROOK
On Sat, Feb24, 2018 11:12pm America/Phoenix
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A rootin, tootin good time
(Scene opens in the living room of the 420 residence.  The camera enters the room and shows a very large black leather sectional couch that wraps around the corner.  A large bay window faces out to the woods.  There is a large flat screen TV that takes up a chunk of the south wall.  A smaller, grey, fluffy sectional is in the opposite corner.  It is there that we find Tinordi and Glazebrook seated on opposite sides of the couch.  Glazebrook is wearing a black Pittsburgh Penguins jersey, featuring the name Crosby and the #87.  He’s also wearing a pair of khaki cargo shorts.  Tinordi is sporting a black Pink Floyd shirt, a pair of black track pants, and a grey floppy hat with the Denver Broncos logo on the front.  Tinordi is putting the finishing touches on a joint.)




Tinordi – Whaddup, Cameraman?


Cameraman – Hey guys.


Glazebrook – How’s it going?


Cameraman – It’s going.


Tinordi – Nah, I mean… like, how have you been?  It’s been a couple weeks.


Cameraman – I’m good, man.


Glazebrook – Yeah, dude… the Eagles, man.  What’s up with that?


Cameraman – I know, it’s crazy.


Tinordi – Yeah, dude.  I dropped a little bit on that game.  Actually, I turned out OK.  I didn’t lose all that much.  But I bet a lot on Pink going under for the anthem.  When I found out she had the flu, I thought that was the best bet of the day.  I just wish I didn’t throw so much money at the Patriots.


Glazebrook – Yeah, dude.  I told you Philly is tough.


Tinordi – Ahh… so anyway, what’s up with this match?  It’s like, not a tag match?


Cameraman – No… It’s a singles match.  Glazebrook vs Damian Price.


Glazebrook – Damian Price?  I remember him.  Why do I remember him?


Tinordi – The price is wrong, bitch.


Glazebrook – Nah, dude… we’ve been in the ring with this dude before.


Tinordi – Uh…


Cameraman – He was a member of the Insurgence.


Glazebrook – He sells insurance?


Cameraman – No… he was part of…


Tinordi – I remember!!!  He was a part of a crew back in the day.


Glazebrook – Ok… so we have tape on him?


Tinordi – Oh yeah… we should have a lot of tape on him.


Glazebrook – Looks like we need to head to the film room in the next few days.


Tinordi – Yeah, dude…


Glazebrook – Well, Mr. Price.  It looks like our paths will be crossing again.  So, I don’t have to tell you what is going to happen in Portland, Oregon in a week or so.


Tinordi – You said “organ”.


Glazebrook – Oh yeah…


Tinordi – So, like, why come you get to have a match, but I don’t get to have a match.


Glazebrook – Uhh… I don’t know.  Maybe because you suck and I kick ass?


Tinordi – Nah… probably not.


Cameraman – You guys have had plenty of singles matches.


Glazebrook – Well, you still get to be in my corner.


Tinordi – Yeah, I guess.  (as he adjusts his hat, the joint he had put behind his ear falls out into his lap.)  Oh yeah!  Dude... I forgot about this.


Glazebrook – Yeah, dude… Spark it up!  So, like, you get to be the hype man.  Like… you’re that dude in the rap video that just comes out on stage and says stuff like, “Yeah… uh huh, uh huh… yeah…”


Tinordi – Yeah, dude… throw your hands in the air…  uh huh… yeah…


Glazebrook – Yeah, dude… like that.  So, like, this Price dude has to look across the ring and not only see 6’7”, 303 pounds of pure, unadulterated athleticism, but also the baddest hype man in the game, and however many lucky fans in Portland, Oregon they can stuff into the arena jumpin and hootin and hollerin just going crazy.

Tinordi - Oh yeah?  Hootin and hollerin?

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude.

Tinordi - Redneck...

Glazebrook - Whatever.  Price, we know damn well the people in Oregon know what time it is.  And we know damn well you know what time it is.  It may have been a while ago, but I'm going to give you a not so gentle reminder of what happens when you step in the ring with 420.... I'm gonna treat you like a roach... and smoke ya!!!!!

(The camera zooms in on Glazebrook, who is holding an intense look on his face.  Tinordi exhales a large cloud of smoke at Glazebrook from off camera and it slowly takes over the entire screen before fading to black.)

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