A sacred return from a hollow grave...

Roleplay Roleplay by DR. DEATH
On Fri, Dec22, 2017 1:51pm America/Phoenix
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A sacred return from a hollow grave...
[Darkness. Pure darkness. Then a light, shining brightly upon a coffin laid neatly on the mahogany wood. The coffin's lid slides to the side as light pierces through the gap and into the outside world. A man lies within the confines of the wooden box, lifeless, still.]

[It moves it's head with a sudden twitch, it's eyes shooting open, staring down your soul from within. It smiles with sadistic intent, you are frozen to the spot, it takes control of you and your body. YOU are now lifeless, still.]

"How does it feel? To be frozen? To lose all control of your body, left with nothing but a numb carcass to bestow?"

[He rises from the coffin, his bones creaking and cracking as he takes his first steps back upon the mahogany he once came. He holds his neck, clicks it from left to right, then laughs with a deep undertone.]

"I left too soon, I let the Purification of Darkness crumble without my support, but now I'm back when a brother in arms needs my help. That brother, being Tom Black. While my other brother in Bishop Polaris is no doubt long gone, I hear tales of what he did to Thomas, tales I do not like the sound of, for that, I am ashamed in him and reject him as one of my own."

[Finally, a single light dangling from the ceiling, shines vividly upon the figure, the man being none other than Dr. Death. He pushes the light and it swings, back, forth until slowing and coming to a solemn stop.]

"Tom Black, I return to World Wrestling Existence for you brother, I hope you'd do the same for me. It's time to destroy the light, and purify the darkness. Welcome me home, brother..."

[Dr. Death stalks his way into the darkness, itching further and further away from where he once lay. His boots echo on the mahogany wood with a tap, tap. He's back. WWX, be prepared.]

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