A soul in tension that's Learning to Fly

Roleplay Roleplay by GARY TINORDI
On Sat, Jul08, 2017 8:57pm America/Phoenix
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A soul in tension that's Learning to Fly
(Scene opens on the roof of the carport at the 420 residence.  It is a flat, shingled surface where Tinordi and Glazebrook have set up large towels and bean bags and are laid back, drinking 40oz beers out of a brown paper bag and watching the sun rise.  And what a glorious sunrise it is.  The sky is light up bright and colorful, in all different shades of red and orange.  Puffy white clouds with grey outlines float rather quickly across the sky, producing, or resulting from, a slight breeze.  “Learning to Fly” by Pink Floyd is playing on an old school boom-box the two men have set up.  The camera finishes a long pan over the sky and settles back on Tinordi and Glazebrook.  Tinordi is wearing a pair of white lacrosse shorts, a blue Denver Bronco t-shirt, a tan colored floppy hat and a pair of reflective John Lennon type sunglasses.  Glazebrook is wearing a pair of brown khaki shorts, a red Virginia Tech t-shirt, and a pair of black Oakleys.)

Glazebrook – Whaddup, Cameraman?

Cameraman – Hey, guys.

Tinordi – (singing) There’s no sensation to compare with this, Suspended animation - a state of bliss.  Can't keep my mind from the circling sky, tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, I.

Glazebrook – Yeah, dude.

Tinordi – Whaddup, cameraman?

Cameraman – Uh... hey.

Tinordi - Now, it has been a little bit since we last spoke and a lot has happened in that time, so I guess there are a couple of things that I need to discuss with the good people of the WWX.  I guess we need to start with the happenings a few weeks ago when Tons of Fun here squared off against one of those Blade Club kids...  first off, Blade Club... what's up with that?  Sounds like one of those infomercials where you get a free razor every month or something.

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude... but if you act now, we'll cut out one of the payments, so it's only 3 easy installments of $19.99.  But if you act now, we'll throw in this nifty travel bag and a big ass bottle of aftershave!

Tinordi - Yeah... So, these cats have been running amok around the X, causing all kinds of mischief.  You know, I understand having a little fun with people.  Hell, lord knows we've done our share of pranks to people throughout our careers.  But you guys pull the old "mystery psychedelic in the peace pipe" trick.  Needless to say, it almost backfired on you in the ring.  You were lucky to get a pin and even luckier that the match ended so quickly, because the last thing you would have wanted was to face this cat with a head full of hallucinogens.  

Glazebrook - Stay away from the brown acid, dude...

Tinordi - True.  But you guys did man up and apologize and even went so far as to offer to join forces.  Now, I know you probably want some sort of response to that and I guess I feel like you deserve an answer.  So, our answer right now is... we'll think about it.  We will ponder the pros and cons and get back to you at a later time about that.  For now, we want to focus on what is right in front of us, which is the 3 way match coming up in lovely San Diego, California.

Glazebrook - I love that town.

Tinordi - Good people, great weather, nice talent.  And they get the good fortune of watching a 3 way dance between Sexy Rexy McAllister, Better than Ezra Zion and yours truly.  I tell you, that Ezra cat has been talking about how great Rex and I are all week.  It sounds like... what's he call himself?  The Hebrew Hart Attack or something?  I don't know, but it sounds like he is just honored to step in the ring with me.  And, I guess I can't blame him.  I would be honored, too.

Glazebrook - Getting on her, staying on her... and if you can't come in her, come honor!

Tinordi - Spoken like a true poet, my friend.  Now, I understand the ramifications of this match.  I know that the winner will get a shot at the tag team belts.  But, that really doesn't matter that much to me.  I also know that I have a chance at a little retribution for what happened a couple of weeks ago, but I think we established earlier that there are no hard feelings for that.  So, what is my motivation for this match, you may ask?  Well... the answer is pretty simple.

Glazebrook - To get in with the ladies...

Tinordi - While, this may be a result of the match, it is not the motivation that I was speaking of.  Basically, I just love to compete... especially in these type of crazy matches.  Now, this is a little tame compared to some of the things that 420 has been through over the years, but it is still more chaotic than your average one on one or tag team match.  3 men in the ring at the same time, going at each other.  Well, in this case, 2 men and 1 athletic machine.  A specimen with a body chiseled by God himself with more talent falling out of my pockets than my opponents have put together.  And matches like this give me a chance to show off superhuman strength, cat-like agility, flashy speed, and an all around ring awareness rivaled by nobody you have ever seen before.  I'm more technical than Rasheed Wallace and more experienced than your mom.  And THAT, my friends is the reason why when you step in the ring with 420, you get treated like a roach... and smoked.

(The camera zooms out and pans across the sky, showing off its beautiful collage of colors again before fading to black.)

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