A special sit down interview

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Sat, Jun24, 2017 9:00pm America/Phoenix
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A special sit down interview
The scene opens and camera fades in with a view of WWX reporter, Terry Jackson. He is seated in the middle of the ring under a single overhead spotlight in one of those uncomfortable director’s chairs…well at least it’s uncomfortable for Blayde Archer who sits with the Blade Club International Championship Title over the right shoulder in an identical chair across from him. Archer is dressed in casual attire consisting of a bandana with the Blade Club logo and colors along with a black & white striped Reebok track suit matched up with a pair of red and white Reebok crossfit running shoes. TJ nods toward Blayde Archer then turns his head to the camera greeting the viewers watching with a bright, white toothy smile.]

TJ: Hello and welcome to everyone watching us live or on demand on the WWX network. Thank you all for joining us here for this special interview. In the ring with me at this time is a man who needs no introduction, but will get one anyways. He is the leader of the Blade Club and already making history as the new WWX International Co-Champion. Blade, thank you for joining us here today.

Let's just get on with this, TJ. I'm doing you and the fans a favor by talking to you, the ratings are going UP through the roof right now thanks to me because now all of the wrestling world are hanging on my every word and have something interesting to think about tonight while all of the less talented stars are busy thinking of how to fumble funk their way through passable promos and matches.

TJ: Fair enough. Let's get right down to it then. This week you will headline the main event of Mayhem in a singles match for the UNDISPUTED International Championship Title against Rayne. What are your thoughts on facing the self proclaimed Arch Angel and how do you feel about your chances?

[Blayde Archer leans back on the directors chair arm rests and crosses an ankle over his knee as he adjusts the Championship strap on his shoulder while glancing over at TJ with a smirk.]

Are you seriously asking me this as a legit question? I am extremely comfortable with my Chances, why wouldn't I be? Rayne has the talent and skill to be a champion. I won't take that away from him. His problem? Rayne also has the ego… not that it is necessarily a bad thing, because to get to this level you have to believe in yourself and know that you’re just as good as anyone else out there. That is called having confidence. The thing is, that his ego is so big that Rayne doesn’t think he can lose… as if he doesn't realize or comprehend the possibility even exists. Which only makes the sweet taste of victory that much more rewarding when I defeat him in impressive fashion to become the UNDISPUTED International Champion of the Wrestling World, once and for all.

TJ: You and Rayne certainly have stole headlines lately and sparked controversy last week on Mayhem in what will go down as one of the better matches here in WWX in 2017. We seen what lengths both of you will go to in order to win. What will it take for either of you to walk out of Mayhem in Louisville as the sole International Champion?

Rayne thinks that this thing is already in the bag for him. Same as he thought last week and we see how things turned out. In his mind Rayne seems to have convinced himself to believe that he is God’s gift to wrestling, that he is the know all be all that can do it all without fail.. That everything within WWX is destined to be his if he so chooses…  including the International Championship title we both currently occupy due to neither of us being able to answer the ten count by the referee. So this time around? It's up to me to be the one to burst his delusional bubble. Rayne will have his time in the limelight wearing championship gold in the future but that time isn’t going to be happening anytime soon. Do you know why that is, TJ? Because it's the Blade Club's time now and we refuse to take a backseat to anyone, including Rayne. Especially Rayne. Mayhem is where Blayde Archer grabs the brass ring and cements himself as one of the true greats. 

TJ: Outside of your match with Rayne for the International Title, what exactly does the Blade Club hope to accomplish here in World Wrestling Existence?

The Blade Club are top guys, that means we have to be the ones at the top, we will work to get there and work harder to keep our spot. That is how it works and that is the way it should be. It’s good to know that our spot won't be going anywhere either… and do you know why? It’s because this championship means a hell of a lot more to me than it does to Rayne who just sees this as some sort of symbol of power while I see it as proof that I am THE BEST new talent that there is in the WWX. Tune in to Mayhem and you’ll see that the best isn’t going anywhere. The Blade Club isn't just here to stay. We're here to TAKE.. OVER!

TJ: You and your Club have certainly grabbed attention and made headlines since your debut here. How do you plan on keeping this momentum you have built up going through Mayhem and will your hatred for Rayne play a factor in the match?

I don’t hate Rayne… like the weather itself Rayne can be both annoying and useful. I don’t necessarily care for Rayne or the type of person he has become, but hate? That's a strong word that he or anyone else has earned to feel my wrath and rage over, not yet anyways.. nor should anyone try and if there are any doubts on that just go back and look what I do to people in "friendly" competition. Trust me when I say that my bad side is a place nobody should ever want to be. 

TJ: We can both agree on that. What do you say to your skeptics out there who doubt you for whatever the reason may be?

I have two words for "those" people and I will leave it to your imagination to guess what those two words are. Some people will try to discredit everything I’ve worked to accomplish by pointing out that I am not above cheating to win but let's be honest here. The Arch Angel is far from a saint himself. Bringing a sledgehammer to swing at peoples heads isn't exactly fair play either. Rayne and people with a similar mindset want to live in a glass castle and cast stones. That is what makes him a hypocrite in all of this. Far as what the fans think? I could care less about their skepticism of me or their irrelevant opinion of me. I prove my worth each and every single time I step foot into that ring and the same can be said for my Blade Club brothers.

TJ: What sets you apart from everyone else?

what really sets me apart are the intangibles. The Blade Club has raised the standards in this company to a brand new high seemingly overnight, one that hasn't been seen since the so-called 'Lipton Era' of the WWX. We revitalized this entire organization along with the International to the tag team division and it doesn't stop there. From the Television Title to the World Championship.. No gold is safe. We are responsible for turning Mayhem into must-see Tv. Fans tune in to see something special whenever we hit the screen and that is what the Blade Club gives our audience. These marks pay hand over fist to buy our merchandise and fill those seats in the arena week after week and now, I'm ready to take my place as the absolute best that this business has to offer.

TJ: Will you compete in your match against Rayne for the International Championship on Mayhem WITHOUT any help from the Blade Club?

...oh, I'm sorry. You must have mistaken me with someone who needs help inside the ring. Everything I've accomplished here, I've done it all on my own. 

[Terry Jackson can't help but to shake his head and smile with a light laugh.]

TJ: Really? How can you honestly say that with a straight face?

Did you see the Blade Club interfering in the match last week on Mayhem? That's right, you didn't because I did it by myself, just like I told Rayne, Fill, Khoklov and everyone watching I would. Didn't even need a sledgehammer like Rayne did to gain an advantage. Go ahead and look at the old footage if you have doubts about me. I KNOW exactly what I am capable of accomplishing here and I told everyone willing to listen that I AM a champion in the making. Last week I proved that point. This week? I become a MADE Champion by Rayne dancing all over his face, again.

TJ: Will you be able to use your experience from last weeks championship match and apply it to your match with Rayne this week?

Last week I sat back and let Rayne play the part of superman doing most of the heavy lifting for me to ultimately take the Arch Angel out with the most brutal Blade Cutter I have yet to deliver. So let's not pretend that Rayne is this unbeatable wrestling powerhouse worthy of song and legend.  

[he pulls a face.]

Rayne survived Mayhem last week But his reign as co champion is going to be very short lived because I am going to show the world who the better man in that ring is when I beat him for it. This will be my night. The champagne is on ice. The confetti will be ready to drop and Louisville Kentucky will be partying all night long with the Blade Club! So When I win and become the clear cut champion that I am destined to be? I'm going to take the International Title to even greater heights than it's ever been before.

TJ: That's all the time we have here today. Thank you for your candor and good luck in your match on Mayhem against Rayne..

Luck? Is a four letter word for losers. The Blade Club? We don't do "luck" Save that for Rayne. He is going to need it a lot more than me..

[Blayde Archer removes the microphone clip attached to his shirt collar then stands up and walks off as we fade to black.]

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