A special visit

Roleplay Roleplay by EMILY WATERS
On Tue, May29, 2012 4:11am America/Phoenix
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A special visit
[We see Emily Waters sitting on a couch, wearing a black leather coat and a short leather skirt. Her sword is next to her, and she's looking at Azrael Khaine's white mask. It's dark outside, and the room is lit very dimly]

Emily: So this is one of Azrael's masks... It's quite pretty, actually. I understand why he values it so much.

[Emily sighs]

Emily: Ah well, he should've joined us while he could. Now he's facing the punishment Lord Darkson warned him for.

[Suddenly, the lights go out]

Emily: What the...

[Suddenly, the TV is turned on, and it's on static]

Emily: WHAT THE[The static image changes into the Capuchini Bone Chapel in Rome, with the figure sitting in his chair. Emily gasps]

???: Emily... The curse of the Raven... Shall follow thee... Into thy... Grave...

Emily: I don't believe in curses.

???: I suggest you start doing that. Now.

[A raven caws outside]

Emily: [screams]

???: I warned you...

[Suddenly, a window in the room shatters, with no clear cause. Emily puts the mask down, and gets her sword]

Emily: You think a shattered window can stop me?

???: One window? Maybe not... But look around you. This room has 10 unshattered windows.

[The figure raises his hand, and all windows suddenly shatter, one by one]


[Suddenly, a wind start blowing. Numerous ravens fly into the room, and start circling Emily]

Ravens: CAW! CAW!

Emily: [screams]

???: Enough.

[The ravens immediately fly back to the outside]

???: This was just the beginning, Emily... Just... The... Beginning...

[The TV goes back to static, and the lights turn on again]

Emily: What the...

[Emily goes to pick up the mask again, but it's gone]

Emily: Oh no. Oh no... Lord Darkson will not like this...


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