A star is born

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Wed, Mar14, 2018 6:52pm America/Phoenix
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A star is born
(Scene opens inside kitchen area of a lofty penthouse apartment. Sitting inside the kitchen is WWX superstar, Willie Steen. Steen sits anxiously on a barstool tapping his fingers on the table. He looks up inquisitively at his assistant, Liz Brooks, who is on the phone. He shoots her a questioning look and she holds a finger up, signaling him to be patient.)

Liz: Uh huh . . . Uh huh . . . Ok, thanks. I'll let him know. Bye. 

(She hangs up the phone.)

Steen: Well?

(Liz sets down the phone and looks up at Steen. Then a smile spreads across her face.)

Liz: You got the part!

(Steen pumps his fists and lets out a loud whooping cheer. He scoops Liz up into a big bear hug.)

Liz: They start filming in May, so that gives us a little time to prepare. 

Steen: This is great. I can't believe it. This is finally happening. What did I tell you? Once I got my hands on the title, the deals were gonna come flying in. Everyone wants a piece of the champ. And now, we're on the verge of becoming a worldwide brand. Willie Steen. Champion, . . . movie star, . . . Icon!!

(Liz picks up her phone.)

Liz: Before I forget, I gotta call Ranger

Steen: Ranger? What're you calling that turd farmer for? If he wants an autograph, he can stand in line with the rest of the underlings.

Liz: I gotta let him know you're pulling out of the International Championship tournament. 

(Steen stops dead in his tracks)

Steen: WHAT?!!

(Steen grabs the phone out her hands.)

Steen: Are you nuts?! I'm not pulling out of this match. 

Liz: But what about the movie? You need to prepare. This is your chance to become an icon, remember?

Steen: All the more reason for me to win this tournament. Landing this role is the first step in launching me into mega-stardom. Not just a WWX star, but a global superstar. A wrestling ambassador to the entire world. People who don't even like wrestling will start tuning in just to see me. And when they tune in, I want them to see me with gold around my waist. With Ranger retiring my belt, Iím gonna need a new one. And the International Champion is the on at hand. 

(Liz sighs reluctantly)

Liz: I guess. 

Steen: Atta girl. Now cmon. I need you to help me rehearse. Ahem . . . To be, or NOT to be!! To BEEEE, or not . . .

(Liz shakes her head and chuckles silently. Scene fades to black)

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