A Star's Fate

Roleplay Roleplay by TANNO WATERS
On Wed, Apr04, 2018 4:33am America/Phoenix
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A Star's Fate
[We open on a balcony. In the distance, the London skyline is clearly visible. Tanno Waters steps out onto the balcony, wearing a black three-piece suit and tie with a white shirt. Closely following him is his wife Emily, who is wearing a long green evening gown that closely hugs her body. She leans sideways on the balcony railing, while Tanno stares off into the distance.]

EMILY: well babe, you did it. You proved to Kurtis Ray that you are as strong as you've been saying.

TANNO: Yes, but the Snake failed to uphold our agreement. The title... It was supposed to be mine.

[Emily nods.]

EMILY: I know it was, babe, and he indeed could've done better. But then again, how could he have ever foreseen Bob Mellon's return?

TANNO: I foresaw it. We all did. He should have acted upon this so I could hold what is rightfully mine.

EMILY: Look, I'll make it up to you. On Ravage, you're facing Willie Steen for the TV Title.

TANNO: The star... How he has risen. How he has been decorated. But he too cannot outrun his fate.

[Tanno looks up. A falling star briefly appears in the sky.]

EMILY: You wanna make a wish?

TANNO: One wishes upon a star. A falling star, however, is nothing but rocks falling down to our vessel in space. Wishing upon a mere rock, doomed in its descend, is futile.

EMILY: Then what's there to trust in? What's there to believe in?

TANNO: Fate. Fate always arrives in the form of a Raven. And when it comes, one cannot outrun it. Fate is delivered through dexterity and prowess, which a star does not possess. A star may believe it has outrun fate, it may believe it has thwarted the Raven, but it has only done so through the help of others. It cannot do this on its own, and it knows that.

EMILY: What fate does a star have then?

TANNO: One day, a star will burn out. And when it does, it will fall at the talons of the Raven. That day is not far away now. A star's fate is to fade away.

[In the distance, caws are heard. Several massive ravens fly onto the balcony.]

EMILY: Oh my God, they're massive! And... their wings are clipped?

TANNO: The ravens of the Tower have left. Soon, an Empire shall fall.

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