A Super Title For A Super Hero!

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Thu, Jan04, 2018 10:23am America/Phoenix
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A Super Title For A Super Hero!
(The camera is set in Super Bacons office. Nobody is in the room. Suddenly, the elevator dings and opens and Super Bacon is stood there. He begins to walk over to his desk, he sits down and logs on to his computer. Bacon opens up his emails and at the top there is an email from Maple Wood primary school. He opens it and begins to read out loud).

SB: (reading out email). Dear Mr Bacon, I am writing to you to ask if you can come into our school tomorrow and speak to my class about what it is like to be a hero and wrestler! Thank you, Miss Kayla Daniels.

(He clicks reply and starts typing).

SB: Dear Miss Kayla Daniels, Thanks for the invite. I will see you tomorrow. Thanks Super Bacon. There. Thats something to do tommorow! OK what to do now though. Hmm. I know lets go train for my TV title match against Willie Steen.

(He walks back over to the elevator and clicks TG - for training gym - and the doors close and the elevator begins to go down. The doors then ding and the doors open to a room. The room has laminate flooring but with white padding on the floor. The padding has a big bacon with eyes mouth and nose wearing a cape. There are punch bags and are towers on the outside of some of the mats near the towers are soft mannequins. SB walks over to a tower and climbs on top of one of the towers, he then jumps off and hits the mannequin in the side of the head).

SB: I am getting better at that! Now lets train more. Hmmm well my fighting style is Flyer and Lunatic. So I'm good at most other things apart from punches and grappling! Lets go to the punch bags.

(Super Bacon walks over to a punch bag and begins to punch the bag over and over and occasionally slips in a sneaky kick. He then sits on the floor and grabs a drink and begins to sip it up. Bacon pulls his phone out of his pocket and dials a number).

SB: Hello. This is Super Bacon. Please can you come up to my gym. Thanks. Bye!

(Super Bacon drinks some more. The elevator doors ding open and a muscular looking man walks in).

SB: Hey Tim!

Tim: Hello Sir!

SB: I called you here so I can practise my grappling and moves I can do out of grappling.

Tim: OK. Shall we go over here.

(They walk to a huge mat in the middle with nothing on or around it. They begin to grapple for a few seconds before Bacon takes control and begins to lift Tim into a snap suplex. Tim stands back up and claps).

Tim: Well done!

(They grapple again and Tim takes control and German Suplexes SB. SB gets back up and puts Tim in a grapple and repeatedly kicks him in the legs and turns it into an atomic drop. He then drop kicks him and splashes him).

Tim: Nice work! Now.. I have to go! Bye!

(Tim walks off and back into the elevator. Bacon finishes his drink and a man in a suit comes in. Bacon has a confused face).

Suit Man: Hi I'm Charlie. Is it all right of I can ask you a few questions?

SB: Yeah thats fine just give me a moment to get my breathe back! 

(A few seconds go by)

SB: OK! 

Charlie : Ready?

SB: Yeah that's why I said OK

Charlie: OK, first question... What is your actual name?

SB: I'm sorry but I need to keep that a secret. You know.. As super heroes do.

Charlie: OK. Next question... What is your reaction to Hex Girls 'mesage' earlier?

SB: My reaction is this... Hex... Why?... I don't care if there is a special ref... I will still take that title.. Good Luck on taking that title from Bob Mellon or whoever wins the title match at Holiday Hell... You... A random wrestler against a LEGEND. I don't care if the number 1 contender is Kailee, Jarvis Valentine, Damian Price, Dr Death, Titus Tilon, David Monataya or West Virginia Mountaineer I will still be the greatest and longest reigning TV Champion EVER! 

Charlie: Thanks for that Bacon! 2 more questions! What do you think of the TV title?

SB: Well Charlie... I think that the television title is a great starting title and a good way to begin my championship career. I guess it's A Super Title For A Super Hero!

Charlie: Last question. What are your views on your opponent... Willie Steen.

SB: Willie Steen is a great wrestler and a multiple time champion and I am not allowing him to be a tag team and TV champion. Willie I respect you as a champion but watch out cos you never know when the hawk will take a swift kick to your head!

Charlie: Thanks for your time Mr Bacon*

SB: No problem

(Camera fades to black)

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