A surprise challenge

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Sat, Apr07, 2018 9:32pm America/Phoenix
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A surprise challenge
The scene opens to the outside of Jake Devine's former Idolplane, departing from the Los Angeles International Airport. A colorful jetplane sporting bright colors in the past, it has been given a new paintob. All black, with Jake Devine's logo painted on the side. The camera shifts to the inside of the plane. The interior is blander than what was seen years ago. The colorful party items, sound system, video games are gone. Megan Devine sits on the seat, with Jake Devine lying his head on her lap. Megan feeds him sushi while caressing her hair. Jake does not acknowledge the camera.

Jake: I received an interesting call this week. James Ranger himself asked me to come to Wreckage. I was getting an earlier than expected title match. There was one little detail, though. Other than new champion Syndicate, Tommy Lipton would be involved. Fair enough. He does have his rematch clause. But then...he said Rex McAllister would also be on this match. Now...why? What is the reason for Rex McAllister to be involved in this match? Who did he have to suck off to get this opportunity? Was it yourself, James? How soft are his lips? Actually, you know what? Whatever. I don't care. Honey, some tuna please.

Megan picks up a piece of tuna nigiri and feeds it to Jake. She looks up to the camera, giggling.

Megan: Jakey did not even train for you, Rex. My sweetie doesn't even consider you a threat. And that's because you have no place on this match, and you'll be a complete non-factor. You're pathetic!

Megan laughs, making Jake smile. She feeds him some mackerel.

Jake: Exactly, honey. Instead, let's talk about the other people on this match. Let's start off with...Lipton. Yeah. Tommy Lipton, a retired wrestler still in action, the guy who I was planning on facing at Armada and humiliating in front of his people, has lost the title. You disappointed your own country, Lipton. And here, I was thinking that I would have to try a little to beat you...

Jake laughs.

Jake: What a joke. That's exactly what you are. A joke. And not a funny one. Tommy, maybe it's time to consider your retirement again. Go back to your retirement home, meet up with your old friends. Play some bingo with David GS, get a massage with Xander Adams, eat tapioca pudding with Black Angel. But please, get away from my ring. And stay away from it. You do not deserve to step inside the same ring as future World champion Jake Devine.

Jake sits up. He takes a sip from a cup of sake, and places his arm over Megan's shoulder, who snuggles to Jake comfortably.

Jake: And obviously, new champion. Syndicate. You bitched so hard about your rematch, and look at what happened. You actually got it! Wow, I'm actually surprised. Maybe it's for the better though. Honestly everyone was getting tired of your constant "Hurr where's my rematch durr I deserve my rematch" that management had to give in to your wishes. And then guess what, you went there and won! Good job, Syndicate. But it was Tommy Lipton. We both know how much of a joke he is now. Tommy Lipton is a retired wrestler who thinks he still got it. But guess what? He doesn't! He's pathetic! I am your real challenger. I am a real man. I am...the greatest living wrestler! And I will be taking MY TITLE off your unworthy waist. Be it at London. Be it at Vancouver. I WILL BECOME CHAMPION, AND YOU BETTER LIKE IT. IT IS MY DESTINY! AND-

The WWX logo flashes on the screen. A text message appears. It reads "The following promo had to have its content cut due to higj levels of profanity and Jake Devine simulating Rex McAllister performing a strip tease for James Ranger using action figures. The full promo will not be made available on the WWX website. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. With regards, WWX Board of Directors.

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