A War

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Thu, Dec14, 2017 9:34pm America/Phoenix
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A War


*Static flashes on-screen before moving to a shot of the outside of the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.  The camera is situated near the rear entry doors of the arena, where a group of fans has congregated to get a glimpse of their favorite WWX superstars entering the facility.  Moments later, a red Hyundai Elantra pulls up to the sidewalk, driven by the World Heavyweight Champion, Syndicate.  The champion steps out of the car, as does another man from the passenger's side.  Syndicate, dressed in a black WWX-branded hoodie and blue jeans, opens the trunk and pulls out a gray Adidas duffel bag.  He then reaches into his right pocket, pulls out his keys, and throws them at the other man.*

Syndicate: Bring 'er back to the hotel.  I'll call when I'm done around here.

Man: Sure thing.

Syndicate: Thanks, Jake.  You're the best.

Jake: I better be.

*The two laugh, and Jake makes to the other side of the car, enters, and drives away.  Syndicate, meanwhile, walks towards the fans with a huge smile on his face.*

Syndicate: How we doing, Dallas!

*The Dallas fans cheer, and many reach over the barricades - set up by arena staff prior to the group congregating - holding various items, ranging from t-shirts to photos of the champion.  Syndicate, setting this, pulls out a black Sharpie and sets to signing everything in sight.  He makes his way down the line, talking with fans the whole way.*

Syndicate: This is why I do it, folks!

*Reaching the end of the group, Syndicate performs a crucifix pose, sending the fans into a cheering frenzy.  Waving, Syndicate passes them and enters the arena.*

Syndicate: First off, I'm really happy with the positive response my last video got.  Glad to see that we do still have some respectful people in this biz.

*Walking through the hallways of the AAC, Syndicate eventually finds the backstage entrance.  Flashing his ID to a security guard, he enters the main backstage hallway.*

Syndicate: It's never really televised, but I like to come to the arena a few times during the week before a show.  Just lets me get used to the atmosphere, get things set up, that sort of stuff.  Some fans, I guess, have noticed.  So nowadays, they congregate outside the door, waiting for me to show up.  And when I do, I treat them well, because they're the ones that truly care about what I do for a living.

*He reaches a door marked "Syndicate", which he opens.  The champ leads the cameraman into his locker room - the same one that he filmed "The Truth, Part 2" from yesterday.*

Syndicate: Like I said back there, that's what it's really all about.  I wouldn't have a place to hone my craft if it weren't for those people buying tickets and merch.  Without them, I am nothing.  Without them, the World title that I carry around is just a shiny belt, nothing more.  Without them, I don't have a job.

*Syndicate sets his duffel bag in one of the many lockers in the room and sits down on a padded folding chair next to the locker.*

Syndicate: Kurtis Ray...here we are.  Two men, wanting to settle the score.  We both want what I have: the Undisputed World title.  You want to get one step closer to it, and I want to keep you as far away as possible.  Two different things...but how we got here, well...it's too similar to ignore, as you mentioned in your video earlier today.  We both overcame obstacles in our early lives, and the past year for both of us has been anything but calm.  I broke you once, and over the past week, you've broken me.  And now, here we stand, face-to-face, ready to battle.

*He pauses, thinking.*

Syndicate: No.  No, this isn't a battle, Kurtis.  Our match at Ravage is not simply a "battle".  This...is a war.  A war between Syndicate, the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, against Kurtis Ray, the potential challenger.  A war with sacrifice, pain, suffering.  A war with chaos, blood, and drama.  This war has changed me, Kurtis, and I'm sure it's changed you too.  But in terms of the war itself - well, to quote one of my favorite video games of all time..."War.  War never changes."

*Syndicate chuckles before quickly becoming serious once again.*

Syndicate: Ravage will not be pretty, Kurtis.  It will not be a sight that parents want their kids to see.  Because we both want to destroy each other.  We both want to tear each other apart.  You know that.  And you know that, after Ravage, neither one of us will ever be the same again - both mentally and physically.  There will be pain and suffering for the both of us.  One of us will probably win by the skin of our teeth.  But even then, this war won't be over.  It will NEVER be over as long as we must coexist in this company, Kurtis.

Syndicate: This match means a ton to the both of us.  You...you get to prove that you do still belong at the top.  I, on the other hand, get to prove that I am the strong, deserving champion that I consider myself to be.  A lot's at stake.  But, no matter how it goes, I intend on putting on a damn show for the fine people of Dallas, Texas - match of the year, even.  Kurtis Ray going up against Syndicate doesn't happen very often, and I want this one to be special.  And how do I make it special you ask?

*He shakes his head.*

Syndicate: By winning.  By eliminating the force known as Kurtis Ray.  By taking Kurtis out of the World title picture and making sure that I have a good chance to retain at Holiday Hell.  I need this win, Kurtis, just as much as you do.  The kids at home, they need to see someone like me successfully hold down the fort.  They want an INSPIRATION, Kurtis, and I'll be damned if anyone other than me provides that.  For the boys back home in Apter, for the men and women of this great world searching for their purpose...I need this win.  And I won't settle for anything less.

Syndicate: It's gonna be tough, long, and grueling, but I don't care.  In crunch time, at the eleventh hour, I am the best in this business at digging deep and finding that last bit of energy to put myself over the top.  I've done it against legends, I've done it to win the World title five times in two years, and I'll do it again against Kurtis Ray at Ravage.  Kurtis...the war is coming.  And, unfortunately...there will be no survivors.  Welcome...to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate smirks as he stands up from his chair and walks off.  After a few moments, the feed immediately turns into static.*



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