A Warning to Super Bacon.

Roleplay Roleplay by DAMIAN HENDRIX
On Wed, Mar07, 2018 1:28pm America/Phoenix
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A Warning to Super Bacon.
[The scene fades in revealing the inside of the Integrity  Martial Arts center in Spokane, Washington. Hendrix can be seen sparring with a man in a white gi wearing a black belt.  Hendrix is shirtless, but is wearing a pair of blue gym shorts. Hendrix is wearing a set of blue sparring gloves, a blue sparring helmet, and a blue groin protector. His opponent is wearing the same, but in the color red. The two exchange punches and a few kicks. The black belt throws a right hand, only for it to be countered into an arm bar take down. Hendrix straps in a harsh looking Omaplata Arm Bar, and wenches on the arm hard pulling back hard. The black belt struggles to get loose, but to no success. The black belt gives up and taps out. Hendrix keeps the Omaplata in and continues to pull on it. The referee pulls Hendrix off of the black belt and yells at him.]

[Hendrix gets into the referee’s face.]
Hendrix: You might want to watch your tone, or else you’ll be next.
[The two have a stare down. After a moment the referee backs up and checks on the black belt. Hendrix smiles sinisterly.  He rushes the referee from behind hitting him with a German Suplex. The referee clutches his head and neck in pain. Hendrix turns back to the black belt and locks in the Omaplata again, this time grabbing the man’s other arm and pulling it toward him. The black belt screams out in pain, using his foot to tap out. The camera zooms in on the black belt’s face, who is displaying pure agony. Hendrix finally releases his clutch as the camera cuts back to a full shot of the two. Hendrix turns and looks at the camera.]

Hendrix: You see that Bacon? You see the look of pain in that man’s face?  That is going to be you when we meet in that ring. I plan on completely taking you apart piece by piece until there is nothing left, and when I’m done, I’m going to toss you into obscurity just like I did Adam Danger. Prepare yourself “Super Bacon” because this Saturday I plan to Unleash…the beast.

[Hendrix makes his way out of frame, delivering a kick to the black belt on his way out, the scene fades to black.]

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