A Welcomed Burden

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Tue, Feb13, 2018 11:30pm America/Phoenix
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A Welcomed Burden
The scene begins at the Holiday INN Express Hotel & Suites. It's night time, after hours to be exact. In the lobby area it's a very calm, laid back atmosphere. The most noise that can be heard is coming from the big screen television on the wall that displays the default program guide which provides information about the hotel, such as amenities, costs, etc. in audio at a low volume. The cameras take viewers to the Dining room area, where a few folks can be seen chatting as well as consuming food, the clanging of silverware against the plates can be heard amongst the sounds. Soon cameras pan in on a couple sitting exclusively in the corner of the dining room that's guarded by security for privacy. The couple are identified to be Rex McAllister and the young woman he's been seen with from time to time recently, Constance Blevins. Rex is wearing a plain white t-shirt with blue jeans, and black tennis shoes. Constance is wearing black tank top shirt with black leather pants, also wearing black tennis shoes. Her long dark hair hanging just past her shoulders. She's leaned with her elbows resting on the blue round table. She casually drinks from her glass of water, glancing straight ahead at Rex who is resting his forearms flat on the table, looking on as Constance places her glass on the table. She appears to be at ease, comfortable in with her surroundings, while Rex seems to have his thoughts elsewhere. However, out of courtesy, he is trying to give Constance his full undivided attention the best that he knows how given the circumstances, and his match at Aftershock just mere days away.

Rex McAllister: Enjoying yourself?

Constance slightly grins in his direction.

Constance: Not as much as you I can see.

Rex smirks, knowing that was a rather sarcastic remark in response by Constance.

Constance: You need to relax a bit. Being so focused and tense is only going to work that mind of yours into a frenzy. That hero complex of yours, you should really get that checked out.

Rex smirks again, slightly scoffing at the notion.

Rex McAllister: Agreed. 

Rex strokes his chin with his left hand as he ponders.

Rex McAllister: Ahhh, World Wrestling Xistence hasn't thrived, not for quite some time it hasn't in fact. Perhaps it's fate that's brought me back...back up, where I can look down at all those makeshift effigies that scratch and claw for nothing and everything simultaneously. The truth is that there is no more conscious inconsistency between the humility of a man who wears the mask of a hero and the rapacity of a thief that resides under the same mask, than there is between the humility of someone who's authentic and the rapacity of that person just the same. My competition can make their claims, their declarations, put forth herculean efforts just to try and obtain that of which they desire most, but they don't stop wearing those masks, instead choosing to live the lies they wish for the masses to believe in as truth. Those lies, they will soon reveal the rapacity they have used to stay afloat. It's the truth that will be revealed once they've fallen, and I've risen.

Rex sighs, shaking his head as he continues.

Rex McAllister: The champ believes it's him against the world, using the overused victim mentality card to try and push his own little narrative in it all. The world isn't against him, it's the poor decisions he makes that adds to the burden he is already shouldered with. He makes too many assumptions, and it's those assumptions that are creating the reality as we have come to know it to be. He's the thief disguised as a hero, blinded by his own foolish pride to believe he must become bigger to be better, but no matter how big his bark is, the only thing that anyone will react to is his bite. He's proven nothing as the champion, and soon his reign will come to an abrupt end and will mean nothing when he has fallen, when he is lying prone at my feet.

Constance is a bit puzzled, but has something to add no less to support her good friend.

Constance: You're going to be fine, Rex. I know how you've felt about this, things in general leading up to this. 

She pauses.

Constance: I'm here to listen, you know that. I know you'll be prepared. I know you have a big match ahead of you, perhaps it's one to be considered right up there with one of your biggest ever. But I also know you can get it done, and you will, because this is the type of intensity they need from the one who should stand at the top.

Rex reaches out his hand, and gently places it over Constance's. They each extend their other arm out to hold the other's hand.

Rex McAllister: Oh, perhaps you're right. Maybe there is a moment to settle down. After all, none of what anyone in that place has to say to or about me directly affects me the same as it once did. They're all just obstacles to me anymore. I'll purge that of which is unsettling to me at Aftershock, because I know it will eventually lead me to the things that I desire most. The Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship has already eluded me once. I would love to see if these...obstacles can purge me, change fate. Whatever burden shall come, the unknown, It will be welcomed with open arms.

Rex pauses a moment, lifts Constance's right hand slowly and gently, and kisses it.

Rex McAllister: Thank you.

They continue to stare back at each other, pulling each other closer as the camera starts slowly panning out as the scene fades.

***THE END***

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